It's a quiet afternoon here and I felt like blogging, so I decided to show off some new purchases. The first two I bought this weekend in Texas during my traveling. There are 3 good things about long drives by yourself...1 - 7 hours worth of driving by shops and stores gives you good options. 2 - You HAVE to stop eventually to stretch your legs and what better place than outlet malls and shopping malls? 3 - You can really find some good deals when you stop at the same places week after week and wait for the sales :)

Now, I love dresses. Seriously dresses, new jewelry, heels...I am such a girly girl. Here is dress number 1 - my favorite of the three! :)
Dress number two was just FUN. It will be perfect for cocktail parties and fun date nights. The bottom of it is sort of billowy, and it's just so adorable. I normally hate those big sequins, but I couldn't resist this...
And the third I got just before I came out here. I had a giftcard for H & M, and in my "woe is me, I hate to leave DC" thinking at the time I had to go shopping in some stores that we only have access to in DC. H & M is in other places, but none in Oklahoma that I know of. When I saw this I fell in love with it, and it struck me as a Melinda Gordon dress from the Ghost Whisperer. She wears some of the cutest dresses!
Anyone else have any great shopping finds? Hop on the bandwagon and blog about some of your good deals! :)


  1. Cute cute cute...I of course am not a "dress girl" but I do like to look at them and every once in a while I'll find one that I really like......like your #3....that would be something I would try on......Glad you get to find some good deals! Been thinking about you! Tell your parents hello for me please!

  2. I love those dresses! I know you picked me up one too...right? ; )

  3. OH I do! I do! I have this beautiful 100% silk green dress I recently bought! Yey me! Yey me!

    I love dresses, too, S! I think I only wear dresses and skirts! I love stockings, too! And of course, mary janes and all other sorts of heels!


    I love those three dresses! You know what? We could so totally be sisters! We could trade dresses and go through each others' closets!


  4. Those dresses are fabulous! I LOVE the black and white one!
    As for me, I'm more of a jeans and t-shirts gal. I do love dresses, but I tend to get overtaken by the intense urge to wear big black boots with them. I am a fashion no-no. As for great deals, the furthest I ever go for deals is one town over. I love thrift stores and outlet malls!

  5. Thank you Nikki! They said hello to you as well!

    Melinda...nope, if you want one you are gonna have to come with me and go shopping!!! :)

    Charity, you know I want to see your dress!!

    Wendy - ha! There is nothing wrong with boots and dresses...it adds character!

  6. I love all your finds especially #3. Its such a treat to get to go shopping by myself. Its one of my favorite things to do. Cute, cute!


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