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I thought about answering the questions you asked in my private blog, but I know several of you who asked aren't viewing that, so I decided to answer them on here.

*Eli is in a large room with one roommate. His roommate is 7 years old and has issues similar to Eli, and they get along really well. The rooms are large enough that they don't feel cramped and they have plenty of their own space, as well as their own closets and desks. They aren't left alone at any point, except for bedtime, and there are monitors in the room to make sure that nobody is fighting or being mean to their roomy. I am torn...part of me wishes that Eli had his own room, but part of me is glad that he has a friend so that he won't feel so alone. I think that makes a big difference to such a little boy.

*As for the length of stay...the diagnostic testing piece usually takes 6-8 weeks, but given the severity and scope of his problems they are doing some additional testing, and the therapy he will be having will require more like 3 months. I know to most people that seems like a shocking long time, but after living with him for so long and seeing how hard "normal" things are, it seems appropriate. He has so many fears and irrational behaviors, it is going to take a while to get him to be able to cope appropriately. It might end up being longer or shorter...Their goal is to get these kids home as soon as possible, but only when they are ready to go home without fear of them returning. I would rather them do what they can now, even if it takes a while, than get him home and have to go through this again.

Casey asked what his daily schedule will be...I will be posting that on Eli's blog. It is really neat the system they have and how they split up their school and playtimes and therapy to make it do-able for their short attention spans.

Alrighty, I think that covers the questions.

On a different note, I am THRILLED to be here for the Affair of the Heart weekend. Year after year I plan on trying to get home for it, but it never works out...this year I am totally taking advantage of being here!!! :) Mom and I used to go when I was home, and it is one of my favorite things to do. I can probably find some cute things for the boys, and hopefully I can stock up on Christmas presents for next year!!! :) I'm sure I'll take lots of pictures there!

Chase is starting to feel much better!!! He's on antibiotics, and although I think the cough will stick around for awhile, hopefully his spirits will be much better. Enjoy your Friday!!!

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  1. Thanks for the update on Eli! I hope this place will help him and they find a solution for his problems. And also help you to deal with how your little boy will be growing up. I have so many blogs that I read and can´t add anymore, but I would love to hear an update on how Eli is doing once in a while on this blog also. If not, I will ask you privately.
    I completely understand your need for privacy and hope that you find peace in the path you have taken chosen to go with Eli!


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