Flashback Friday

For this months Flashback Friday the theme is Love. This picture came to mind, because it is one of my all time favorite pictures of Norman and me. This was taken at our reception, and I love it because it is so candid. We weren't posing for the person who took the shot, and it just caught us in a "happy newlywed" moment. That day was such a precious day for me - I know all weddings are, but for me to have him with me, meant so much. We knew that he would be deploying in a couple of weeks, and we just cherished our time together with our friends and family.


  1. Awwww - that IS beautiful! Wedding photos are always so special...esp. the candid ones that truly capture the spirit of the moments.

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  3. Left you something on my blog : )

    And btw - you forgot to link up...that is if you wanted to.

  4. Oh Shoot I did forget!!! Thanks for reminding me...I'll be sure to do it next time!

  5. that is such a beautiful picture! I love the non pose pics because they always seem to show the real picture. You guys are lucky to have such a wonderful and loving relationship. :)

  6. I love those photos that look candid-ish, too! :)

    And this is one of my favorite photos of you, too! :)



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