Good trip to Austin

This trip to Austin has been really good. It has been a really emotional thing for me (coming down here) but having Norman with me this time has been really wonderful. Our visit went well with Eli today, and the details will be posted later in Eli's blog. The only one missing from our family was Chase, and we are just anxious for the day that we are all back together again...all 4 of us. But at least we had 3 of us together today, so that was very nice.

Norman and I went out to dinner last night down on 6th Street in Austin. If you aren't familiar with 6th St., it is world famous for being the spot for nightlife in Austin. We ate at this restaurant called The Old Pecan Street Grill, and I had THE BEST chicken parmesan I've ever had. I took pictures of our meals and of the restaurant, so I'll post those later once I get them uploaded to here. Norman and I then went walking around, and found the sweetest horse drawn carriages all decorated in flowers and tiny white lights. We took a carriage ride through downtown Austin, and that was so special. I've missed him so much, so getting to do something so sweet was a neat memory for us to have.

Okay, I need to wind this up. My eyes are refusing to stay open; I had to take another dose of medicine with codeine...I cannot kick this sinus/allergy junk and it is making me miserable.

Until next time...Ciao!


  1. I am so glad you are having a good trip!!!

  2. hhmmm...the best nightlife spot...sounds like fun to me!

    I will have to get my butt (and yours) over there to go dancing! Oh, and eat some chicken parmesan!


  3. how sweet that you got to go on a carriage ride! I hope you got pics... Either way, it will be something wonderful to remember. :)


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