Here I go...

I'm off for Austin today, and when I called Meridell to confirm my hotel arrangements, we realized that they hadn't made them because I hadn't reminded them. Luckily they got the LAST ROOM FOR ME!!! Whew...that could have been awful. Well, not awful, just expensive. Because I only have to pay $50 on the $200 bill. This place is wonderful to help with that expense...I just have to remember to let them know when I'm coming...

Well, I didn't sleep at all last night, but I did try by taking some cough syrup with codeine. So all that I feel today is loopy from the remnants of the codeine still in my system, exhausted from no sleep, and so not wanting to go anywhere...much less on a 7 hour road trip. But off I go...hopefully a shower and some caffeine with jump start my head. Wish me luck...


  1. Best of luck and have a safe trip! You and Eli will be in our prayers. Love ya!

  2. Good luck! You have the worst luck traveling!

  3. Thanks girls!!! I actually just made it to the hotel, so one half of the traveling is over with. :) I'm looking forward to tomorrow!!

  4. Hey! You're still needin' the cough syrup????

    Oh...you sound a lot like me...forgetting to call something you were supposed to call...omg that sounds so much like me! Good thing you aren't married to my husband!


  5. Charity! Ha! The cough syrup was just to get me sleepy enough to go to bed!! :) I'm feeling back to normal now!!!


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