I miss home :(

So I get updates on Twitter from the Smithsonian organization, and for some reason today I got really sad. Why missing out on seeing an artist who creates presidential portraits out of cupcakes, and looking at mummies and poking around the remains of Jamestown settlers is appealing I don't know, but I feel like I am so away from home. How is it possible that I am HOMESICK for DC???

I'm missing Woo at the Zoo...a date night for valentines, Lectures on ancient Pompeii, Mr. Lincoln's Air Force, and seeing the Arts and Sciences Butterfly exhibit with the boys. Life here without the metro should be relaxing...but I am finding myself missing the chaos terribly. And what about the Air and Space Museum? It's not normal to NOT go there regularly.

I know this is only for a short time, and I know it is worth all the struggle and work, but I miss Norman and everything about my life in DC.


For anyone coming to DC or thinking about a visit, please check out this website. It is FABULOUS and full of all the neat things there are to do in my new hometown!



  1. I'm so sorry you are homesick. I really wish there was something I could do.

  2. Thanks Melinda...Just going out to dinner the other night really helped cheer me up. ((HUGS)) I just think that there's nothing that can fix this feeling other than Having all 4 of us back together again under one roof. I know in time we will be...I just need patience.

  3. Well....you DID tell me you love the city more! :)


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