I'm a geek

I'm safely in my hotel, doing what I do in hotels...blog. :)

I must say that this hotel is "fabulous" I've heard that word a couple times tonight and it seemed to fit this place ;). I got it for a third of the advertised price, thanks to good ole Priceline, so as long as it was clean I was okay with it. As always I've come armed with my disinfectant wipes, but for the first time in a long time, I didn't get the skin-crawley feeling that I normally do in hotels. I even took my time before wiping everything down, which is SO unlike me. This place is really cool. Very retro chic, and I even have a picture hanging on the wall of, well...look for yourself!!! (sorry about the quality...I took this on my cell phone camera...

But what totally shocked me, is that outside my door, I have THIS...
A DOORBELL! In a hotel!?!? Since nobody is here to ring for me, I've rung it a few times myself, but had to stop since it's getting late, and I'm sure my neighbors here aren't thrilled with the incessant doorbell ringing. Okay, so this place rocks. And the price rocks. The decor rocks... I'm pretty satisfied with the place.

I went to a nearby mall tonight and that was nice. I actually meant to eat dinner there, but my appetite hasn't been all that great lately, so I'm hoping I'm on my way to losing the last of my stubborn weight. 10 lbs would be nice. It was also a nice trip down memory lane for me...being in Texas...

So many things in my life have changed, but regardless of circumstances, I know that each person in my life has been placed there along the way for a reason, and I cherish each one for the gifts and lessons they've brought me. I hope I can be as good a friend and support to those I care about and love as they all (you all) have been to me. So maybe it's the fact I took a Lortab and am once again an emotional mess (another sinus infection...joy), but I am thankful for those who have always been there...you are appreciated...more than you know.

Okay, sap over. I'm winding this up.

But before I do...let me say this. I've got to go update Eli's blog about some stuff, but tonight I was in a dressing room at the mall...Strange city, strange mall, strange Dillards... (I'm fine mom, stop worrying) well, Eli's doctor calls. WHILE I'M IN THE DRESSING ROOM. HALF DRESSED. So what do I do, I do what I should do and take the call...this doctor goes on and on asking permission to change some stuff...well, I hear over the intercom "Dillards is now closing". I have the lady banging on my door telling me to get out that they were locking up...I had the doctor taking his sweet time, and I'm sitting there really really needing to get dressed. I seriously was a bit panicked there for a bit. But all ended up well. I didn't get locked in the mall, and I made it out WITH my purchase and the sales clerk apologized to, and with all the info I needed from the doctor. That's the last time I EVER go in a dressing room that late in the evening. People call at the worst possible times, I swear.

Okay, thats all for now! Night night peeps...XOXO


  1. I can totally see you ringing that doorbell over and over again...just because I would do the same thing : )

  2. I´m glad you got a nice hotel!
    And I could totally relate to the story in the dressing room. I would have been "flustered" too!! Glad it worked out!

  3. Hahahahahahahaha! Well girl, I've had my laugh for the day! You are so quirky and cute! You and the doorbell. hahahahahaha! Okay, I think I can stop laughing for a moment. I'm glad you got to do some shopping. I'm also glad you got out of the store in time. I could just see you in there in the dark, wondering how to get out. teeheehee!


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