I'm here...

And I'm tired. I had a good drive down here, did some shopping once again at the Outlet Malls in Gainesville ($5 shirts from the GAP anyone???). I'll have to plan better next time though, I hit rush hour in Fort Worth and it WAS NOT PRETTY! Okay, I'm off to bed, but I wanted to let my sweet friends (who worry about me and know about my ability to always have travel problems) know that I made it smoothly!! :) Thanks for the well wishes and prayers for my travel!!! I'll need them again on Saturday! XOXO


  1. Hope all goes well.
    I got married in Gainesville, TX!! I have lots of family around that area.

  2. I'll think of you every time I go thru there now!!! Well, okay, stop, shop and then go thru!


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