From DC to Austin...and now to Oklahoma

I made it to Austin on Thursday morning, and my flights were uneventful and on time. The meeting Friday morning with the therapist went really well, and details will be posted soon on Eli's blog. Bottom line for the rest of you guys who are following our journey with this...he's doing so well, and a new medication has made a very positive improvement in his attitude and behavior. Due to the improvement, he earned an off campus visit, so I got to take him for the afternoon!!!

We went to a cave in Georgetown, that is called Innerspace Caverns. It was a really neat cave, and we both had a really good time. The bats are coming out of hibernation from the winter, and they were EVERYWHERE! They were so sweet, and we could really get close to see some of them. So precious...they were the teeny tiny ones that are just adorable. After that we ran to Target to get him more toothpaste and soap and shampoo, then we went back to my hotel for a couple of hours to just snuggle and talk and we watched Disney. The visit went well, and it was a really good day!

I just made it back to my parents house tonight, and will head back down to Austin again on Tuesday. It is SOOOOO good to be back together with Chaser again! Of course it looks as if he's grown a ton and seems all grown up, but I know it can't be as much as it seems since I was only gone for 2 weeks. I think I am going to take him with me when I go on Tuesday...I just can't bear to leave him again, especially so soon after coming back here.

I'm not sure how long I will stay this time and do the driving and in person visits in Texas. My visit home was wonderful and a huge realization that A. I miss Norman too much to stay here much longer. B. I am not a bad parent for not doing in person visits when I do go home...most parents live out of state and don't come every week, and right now they have NO other parents coming every week. C. Just because I am farther away from him when I go back to DC, it doesn't mean that I've "left" him. So I think it was good for me to go home and be able to come to those realizations. So, with that said, I think I won't stay here for too long...just long enough to figure out a game plan and have a few more in person visits.

Alrighty, thats enough for now. I am beat and I need to take my Sleep MD's and wind down a bit. Ciao for now...


  1. You are TOTALLY not a bad parent for not flying to Texas every week! You are giving Eli the structure he needs while being there for Chase and Norman. You are a GREAT mom! :)

  2. I second Casey's comment...you are a terrific mom!!!

    I'm so glad that Eli is doing better and that you were able to enjoy some time with Norman.

  3. Thanks girls!!! Melinda, I missed you this morning!!!

  4. How awesome that you were able to take Eli out! I was really hoping that would work out for you!
    I also think it is great that you will be going home soon. Even though it has been good for you to spend time learning what all is going on with Eli and seeing for yourself the differences in each stage, it is definately time for you to be with the rest of the family and start rebuilding and strengthening the foundation at home. It will help Eli when he comes home to see a good strong family, and it will help the rest of you as well.
    It is so good to hear that there is finally some progress!


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