So Ready To Go Home

Chase's and my flights are booked, and we are flying back to DC Wednesday, April 1st. I'm so happy to be going home, and I think we may be able to witness some memorable things at home once we get there. With the growing animosity that the country has in regards to Washington, it might be interesting to visit the capitol on the day of the Tea Party, and go watch some of these protests and marches. Not that I will participate, because you know that I don't have ANY thoughts or feelings about what is going on right now. Remember? I'm neutral...just like Switzerland...as all good officer's wives are supposed to be. (blech) I'm just sayin'. :)

It does look as though Eli *may* get to come home the end of April, so YIPPEEEEE! He is making progress, and I will be updating his blog soon. I promise to do that...I have needed to do it for some time now...I'm sorry!! He is making good progress, and hopefully next weekend we will get another day pass. Mom and Chase are coming with me for that visit, so I am excited to not be going by myself. It's much nicer to have someone to talk to for those 7 hour drives to Austin!!!

I just talked to Norman tonight on the phone, and the phone calls are getting weird. We discuss the kids, how much we hate that we're all split up, and how we really have nothing to talk about except him wanting me to come home and me wanting to go home. I'm so glad I'm down to 10 days left. As for our moving on base, we are STILL number 12 on the list. STILL. It sure beats being the poor sucker who is number 72 on the list, but sheesh. It's almost time for PCS season... what's the holdup people!!

Mom and I are taking Chase to Oklahoma City to the zoo tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to that. Lunch out...a bit of shopping...there are some really nice things about coming home. On that note though, I think I'll sign off for now and hit the hay. You guys just wait...when I get home and get my own baby (oops...I mean computer) back, I will have nothing but millions of pictures to upload on here. :) Nighty night peeps!


  1. You can do it! Praying for you...

  2. Thank you!! You have been such an encouragement to me!!

  3. I´m happy for you, that you get to go home soon! I bet it is a strain on you marriage. How some people do it, I don´t know!
    Enjoy the zoo today!

  4. You sound so upbeat now that you have a date. I'm happy for you. Keep hangin' on sister!

    Love you.

  5. Girl, the first thing you need to do when you get home is get a sitter and spend an evening out with just you and hubby. It's so easy to disconnect, but usually all it takes is some one on one time to be back to normal again. After that, maybe you guys can go on a family outing to give Chase and Daddy some reconnect time. I bet it will be so much easier to wait now that you have an actual date to look forward to!


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