So happy to be home...

Ahhhhhhh it's sooooo good to be home! Chase did well on both flights, and we lucked out by sitting next to the nicest guy (who had kids and was so nice and understanding when I had to change a poopy diaper right next to him...) on the leg from Houston to Baltimore.

It was soooo sweet, too, when we got home and found that the Easter Bunny had visited a bit early and left a chocolate cake and two Easter baskets...one for me and one for Chase. Thank you EB Norman! It was such a sweet welcome home present to find at the end of a very long, very exhausting day.

Today Chase and I spent the day unpacking, watching Disney and doing laundry. I had planned to take him to the story hour at the library, but Chase napped an extra long time today and I just let him sleep. The poor guy had a long, rough day yesterday :).

We have some fun things going on this weekend...the National Cherry Blossom Festival is going on, and there are lots of fun activities that we want to go check out. The trees were a gift from Japan, and since Norman was born in Japan and thought he was Japanese until he was about 5, we will go celebrate his heritage lol. :) From street festivals to parades, there will be lots of neat things, and I'm glad to be able to experience it.

We're trying to take advantage of living so close in right now...I'm looking forward to moving on Ft. Belvoir, but there are some things I'm definitely going to miss (being close to the metro is definitely a biggie).

Alright, that's all for now. I promise to start posting some pics soon...I got lazy today and didn't get to them. :) Night night y'all... XOXO


  1. I'm so glad you are home! Hope you can relax and enjoy yourself.

  2. So glad you made it home safe! What an awesome hubby for bringing on the chocolate! Just what you need! Although, he may have had alterior motives...you know what they say about women and chocolate. heheehee!

    What a cute and funny thing about Norman thinking he was Japanese! Aaaw!

  3. The Easter bunny? ALREADY? My, my! He starts how really early over there!!! Is it a he or she...really??? :)

  4. I mean the Easter bunny...are we all sure it's a he or could it actually be a she? :)

  5. welcome home :) it's weird to think that your "home" is going to be my "home" in a few short months ;)

  6. Welcome home! How sweet of Norman to do that!! Glad you are both home and can get rested up and enjoy all the events this weekend!!!

  7. So glad you've made it home safely. I already miss you terribly. I will try to e-mail you my # soon.

  8. Glad you are home again and enjoying it.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

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