Okay I have no idea where to get an answer to this, so I am HOPING you guys can help out.  PLEASE??!!  I am one of those people who likes furniture to match.  Each of our rooms are complete sets, because furniture (at least in my world) should match. 

But Eli’s furniture just has not been “5 year old boy” appropriate…

Eli's Furniture

Eli's Furniture2 So when we saw this bed (pictured below) I was nearly knocked down by how “Eli’ish” it was…And we bought it.  But  now I have a bed with NO DRESSER, NO NIGHTSTAND, NO NOTHING.  This is a big deal to me.  I’m just normally used to buying everything together, so now that I have the bed, I have no idea what to do style wise for the rest of the furniture. 

I don’t want to do solid red dresser/nightstand.  That would just be TOO MUCH RED.  So help…suggestions please! Any ideas on what would compliment this type of bed?  This isn’t the same exact bed, but close enough to see the style of the head/foot board.  (It is iron or metal or something…not wood…)
Eli'sRedBed What can I use? What would you do? OH – And the theme of his room is space stuff.  Like planets and solar system stuff…


  1. I'm an interior designer, S...

    So...I think that (in my humble--ok not so humble--opinion) you should go shopping for fun side tables and dressers that would compliment this bed. I must say, this bed is a great choice, since you can save a lot of money on shopping for the rest of the furniture to match.

    See...you can buy painted iron side tables in fun colors. You can get those from market sales for very cheap!

    Or...you can go with plastic furniture that is easy to come by. They come in a lot of fun colors and some are decorated with themes (like you want a space theme).

    I would like to see a yummy transparent chair in the same room with this bed. Transparent chairs also come in different colors (tinted to different colors but still transparent. Also, with transparent furniture, you are always creating an illusion of a lot more space!

    There are a lot of transparent furniture in a lot of colors and themes. And they are very child-oriented. At the same time, adults love them, as well. For example, for adults, there are the designs by Philippe Starck.

    For the beddings, go with solid colors unless you want the theme to go on the bed and not everywhere else. If you are going to have the space theme all over the rest of the room, keep the beddings in solid colors. Maybe a deep blue with white and yellow pillows. But if everything else is going to be solid, then go look for a bedding set with a space theme all over it. Then accentuate the rest of the room with space memorabilia that you pick up from here and there.

    Hope this helps.


  2. I'll have to start with NOT being an interior designer- looks like you already got some great advice. I was thinking maybe a white dresser then getting cute knobs to match. I have always gone for the exciting quilt on the kids bed as a focal point.
    ps- thanks for your comments- much appreciated!

  3. Looks like you have some great suggestions. Truthfully, I'm not a matchy-matchy furniture person. I don't tend to gravitate towards the sets. Of course my furniture has always been mis-matched just because of how we obtained it all.
    I'd check out Target or Ikea for some end tables. Or, if you're willing, you could even modify his current furniture to make it more 'kid friendly'.
    Not sure if you're wanting to keep that furniture as is, but you could easily paint his current dresser white and get some fun knobs for it. Even update his mirror to match. You'd be saving a lot of money, and he'd still have good quality furniture that is more "Eli".

  4. I would say the most of the Ikea kid's stuff would match the styale of that type of bed. Maybe a light wood with fun knobs? You could (with a LOT of work) sand down and paint the dresser white. Remove the mirror and the brass handles and you would have something that could work.

  5. Thanks girls...And Charity - holy smokes woman! Thanks!!! I love the iron side table ideas a LOT! I'll have to start searching for those...Casey - Ikea also is a great idea. I'll have to check out their kids stuff.

    The only thing I'm sure of is that I'm not going to attempt to re-do what we already have :). I couldn't bear to do anything to that pretty cherry finish, so I sold it to a gal who will take the set as a whole. I just can't bear to separate the set! I know...I'm weird like that.

    Thank you all soooo much! :)

  6. Okay, here is my suggestion. You can take it or leave it : )

    With iron beds, you can pretty much use anything else to accompany it. If it were me, I would find some wood pieces that have a little bit of red in them (not much - so no cherry). The reason I say no white is because if it were me, I would paint the walls a dark blue and if you did that the white would really stand out and end up being the focal point of your room.

    I do like Charity's idea of the lucenite chairs though. That would be a really cool and modern touch!

  7. Carpet and wall color is important to know before dishing out advice. Have you looked at craigslist? Sometimes you can luck out and find nice pieces that work great for what you want. Also, any pieces you purchase, you can add those peel and stick wall stickers to just about any surface(including night stands and dressers). Maybe for the dresser and side table, you can find one with red trim that maybe has a main color of navy or black.
    Charity has some great ideas, I must say. :)


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