Honestly…I’m a little bummed…

Maybe “little” is an understatement.  I have been dreading today for a loooong time… Tonight is my last normal night in my apartment.  Chase and I fly out to OK tomorrow morning, and when I come back in a week and a half or so, it is just in time to be here to pack and move. 

I know it will be good to be on base; I honestly have high hopes for creating a life there with friends and family memories and so on… I have missed being on base more than I ever would have dreamed.  But living here in our beautiful apartment has been a dream come true for me.  I have felt a little bit like the Green Acres song…

I grew up identifying with this part of the song

“Green acres is the place for me.
Farm livin' is the life for me.
Land spreadin' out so far and wide.
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.”

But I have loved getting to live this part of it…

“New York is where I'd rather stay.
I get allergic smelling hay.
I just adore a penthouse view.
Dah-ling I love you but give me Park Avenue. “

Obviously I’d switch out New York for DC :)

So that about sums up my mood for the day.  I’ll leave you with this picture of the Pentagon.  I’ll sure miss waking up and having this view… It’s back to the suburbs for me… 



  1. Have a wonderful last evening in your apartment. I will be thinking of you.

    I laughed at the fact that you wrote that song out...it is definitely Josh's and my theme song : )

  2. Change is always so hard, and you've gone through so much of it lately. I know you're feeling a mix of emotions, and probably just looking forward to life getting back to normal. Hugs!

  3. Isn't it funny how we feel when we get what we ask for? :)

  4. I realize that you probably won't be near a computer anythime soon...but know that I tagged you on my blog for a meme. I know, I know...you can thank me later : )

  5. I know this feeling exactly!!! We are about to move from Clarendon to Kingstowne (burbville).
    We'll be neighbors...maybe we should be friends too!! :) How's the church hunt going?

  6. When the kids are in college and we can do what we want, we can come out here and get jobs and live in a pimpin' pad in a luxury high-rise!


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