I’ll take the little guy who speaks no English…

So let me begin by giving some background.  We live sooooo close to the Crystal City underground shopping center, and there is this Hair Cuttery shop there.  I have taken the boys there multiple times to get their hair cut, but I finally had enough of their butchering to say NO MORE. 

Fast forward to today.  My hair seriously needed a trim…just a trim.  Not a $100 trim mind you…just a simple snip snip done trim.  I tell Norman I am going to try going to the Hair Cuttery… I mean, how hard can it be to just do an even snip snip along the bottom of my hair – I mean, I was even tempted to do it myself.  So we go to the H.C.  The one lady who I can’t stand the most is the one who waves me back and with a roll of my eyes to Norman and crossed fingers and toes, I head back with her.  Have I mentioned the language barrier problem?  In Crystal City NOBODY SPEAKA DA ENGLISH.  And before any stranger starts to get offended, please don’t.  I just really happen to enjoy communicating with someone who has scissors near my face.  So anyway, I tell her (SHOW HER) how much I want cut off…then she asks again so I show her again.  She clips up my hair and prepares to cut my hair DRY – without washing it – and even after several times more of asking how much I want cut off, I finally get to THAT POINT.  I have never been at THAT POINT before at a hair place, but today I reached it.  I just took off the cape and the towel and told her I changed my mind and didn’t want my hair cut.  She kept pleading “No, I can do it…I do it…I do it…” But I walked out saying NOPE…and I didn’t look back. 

So I ended up with the cutest trim ever at my little expensive salon I adore, with MY stylist.  He’s Israeli, gay, speaks no English, but has a fantastic translator, and is like Jesus for your hair…he works miracles :).  So I didn’t WANT to spend a fortune, but given the alternative, I am so thrilled to have cute hair instead of being bald.  I’m sure I would have been bald. 

*A little note I must make is that Norman is seriously the best husband a girly girl could have.  He is so patient to wait and watch me get my hair done, and smile at me the entire time.  He kept Chase happy, he happily paid the bill, and was just happy because I was happy.  That – my friends – is a rare find.  Thank you Norman…you are so precious and sweet and I KNOW how blessed I am that you are so patient! MUAH!!!

From there we went to the park where Chase played his little heart out, and I made a friend!  At the mean mommy park! :)  To make it even sweeter, she is an Army wife, and so we totally enjoyed talking about military spouse stuff and family and all that other jazz.  I gave her my e-mail, so I really hope she emails me.  We are in the same boat in that we are both internet junkies, have lots of friends who live in our computers, and are hooked on Facebook.  There should be a warning that when you marry military, you will turn into an internet geek…moving around so often will do that to you.   I’ll leave you with a couple of photos I took of Chase while he was playing today…I did mess with some of them on my Paint Shop Pro, just in case you notice the wacky contrasts…  :)

ChasePark3 ChasePark2 ChasePark4


  1. You're so sweet baby! Thanks! Hair looks great... Thank God for Sam, the Israeli guy!

  2. Hair is one area where I can't go cheap! I cry when my normal person cuts my hair, even if it looks good. Glad you found someone :)

  3. Thanks Casey!! :) Why is it we are so stinkin' attached to our hair?! I wish I wasn't so particular! :)

  4. Glad you didn't end up bald! lol Would you believe I cut the kids' hair myself? It's easy with Myles cause I just use clippers. Although Derrick took them with him and Myles' hair is getting LONG. I was thinking of taking both him and Gina to a child's haircut place this weekend. I'm just trying to decide if I want to pay their prices. lol

  5. I've been doing my own hair since I was 14. I always ended up with 2 inches or so cut off when I told someone I wanted a trim and I got fed up. Just so you know, I didn't end up bald by accident. LOL! I don't blame you for spending the big bucks. Hair....or no hair(depending on preference) is important! hehe!

    I'm so glad you made a new friend! It is so nice to run into people with similar interrests!

  6. Oh, side note......girl, you have the absolute BEST hubby! I know, you already know that. Just sayin' Mine has NO patience! haha!


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