Japanese Street Festival

This afternoon we went to the Japanese Street Festival, and wow…here are some major observations…

*It was HUGE
*But there was not enough ROOM for the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE!
*It was rather strange
*It was a definite cultural experience
*And although I will probably go next year, I refuse to take a stroller…
*And oh yeah…it’s not the mid-west out here.  People are not very nice  just more standoffish and not as hospitable as I’m used to.  I do have to say that we met some precious visitors, and actually enjoyed TALKING on the metro! (GASP)  Yep…people who aren’t FROM here are really beautiful people! :)

So without further ado, here are some photos of our day…
This is what we saw when we arrived…
JapaneseStreetFestival10 For people with strollers, I have to admit some of the first words out of my mouth were HOLY CRAP.  But then the fun game of people watching began, and we just dealt with the bumper to bumper foot traffic… Some of the “characters” we saw were…
JapaneseStreetFestival3 JapaneseStreetFestival2



And then you throw in some Monks…
JapaneseStreetFestival7 A Japanese Cherry Blossom Queen

JapaneseStreetFestival6 Some grow your own Sushi…
JapaneseStreetFestival11 A Japanese pop star singing in Japanese…
JapaneseStreetFestival8 Some Japanese flute and drum players…
JapaneseStreetFestival9 And a crowded Metro station on your way back home…
JapaneseStreetFestival12 And there you have the complete 2009 Japanese Cherry Blossom Street Festival.  :) Wow.


  1. That looks like so much fun. I am so jealous you live in such a cool place. We really need to come visit : )

    I see you are using Windows Live Writer. It is so cool, isn't it?!?!

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  3. It's awesome!!! Thanks for sharing about it!!! I love you!!! :)

    And I'm alllllll about you coming to visit! Bring the boys!!!!! Come on up!!! :)

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  5. I almost feel an anxiety attack coming on just looking at the first and last pictures. I think I would have lost my mind....but I just had feeling so crowded and rushed and pushed around like that. lol

  6. LOL Charity! haha!

    Stace, that looks like an interresting and fun experience. That poodle hat thing looks so funny! I love getting to see different cultures, but I don't like those kinds of crouds. My husband would have left as soon as he saw how packed it was. He is horribly clausterphobic.

  7. That looks like so much fun!

  8. I was so confused earlier because I thought I had responded twice in the same day without knowing it. haha! I mean, I wouldn't put it past me, but thank goodness I realized you have 2 Wendy's. hahaha! I really thought I was losing it!


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