Move and Travel Details

It looks like everything is coming together for our move and with Eli! :)  Since I will be all over the place, I figured I’d post a travel plan of sorts, so you will kind of know what our family is up to.  Our pre-move inspection for our apartment is tomorrow, so things are moving pretty rapidly along!


22’nd – Chase and I fly to Oklahoma
23’rd – I drive down to Austin
24’th – Eli’s meeting and our trip to San Antonio –   Sea World  (overnight visit)
25’th – Take Eli back & I go back to OK


2’nd – I fly back to DC and Chase stays in OK
4’th – Packers come to start packing us up      
5’th – Packers finish packing
6’th – Movers come to load our stuff
7’th – Movers deliver our stuff to Fort Belvoir
8’th – Day 1 of officially being in our house!
9’th – Fly back to OK

So that’s about it!  I’m getting really anxious as we are getting closer! Not bad anxious, just excited anxious.  I’m ready to get this show on the road and get it done…   :)


  1. Holy cow! I have to say I am not envying your schedule over the next few weeks. I will pray for your sanity : )

    During those trips to OK we HAVE TO fit in a trip to eat Mexican!!

  2. So, you're officially here in Mid May?

  3. Thanks Melinda! And Mexican is definitely a MUST! :)

    Jayspee, we're here already...We got here last May. We're just moving from Crystal City to Fort Belvoir into a house. :)

  4. Sounds like a typical week in your crazy life! Yay for progress!! ((Hugs)) Will be praying for you these next few weeks, also for the church hunt and for Eli. Love ya!

  5. Is that all???

    Hehe! Obviously that was a joke. You are crazy busy! Good luck with all of the packing, moving, traveling, etc.


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