Our Day...

Chase and I had a pretty good day...it ended on a bloody note, but overall - it went alright. Here are the highlights...

1. I did my first grocery store shopping today...it's been almost an entire year since I've shopped like that. I normally order my groceries online, but since we are moving on base and I can't get them delivered there, I am sort of easing my way back into that part of life. Bottom line - I hate grocery shopping. :)

2. Chase and I went to story hour at the library. We listened to all kinds of stories about dinosaurs, sang about dinosaurs, and I even learned how to draw a picture of a baby dino breaking out of the shell. I'm sure it was more for the kids, but it was a little over Chase's head. I might have to scan my new artwork for you later - if you're lucky. :) ummm yeah.

3. We went to the playground and Chase played and played and played...until he fell down some steps to the slide and split his lip open and then there was blood. When we draw blood, it's time to leave.

Then the normal bath, dinner, playing, reading, playing...BED! :) If blood hadn't made an appearance, it would have been a perfect day...


  1. I must know more about this grocery shopping online!!! I would LOVE that! I imagine it saves you money too because you aren't making impulse buys at the store while you are going down each aisle...

  2. That sounds like a great day-well minus the grocery store shopping. We'll probably be moving about the same time!

  3. I must see this dino picture! Sorry blood was involved during the day, but the rest of it sounds good!

  4. aaw poor chase! You crack me up how you talk about blood as though it were a person that showed up to spoil your day. hehe! You are so wonderfully demented! :)

  5. Allison, it TOTALLY saves a ton of cash! Seriously! We just made a huge order every couple of weeks, and it worked out great.

    Wendy...haha! Wonderfully demented!!! :)


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