Backtracking a bit…

Since I’m so far behind, I thought I’d backtrack and just catch up that way.  Right before Eli came home, I had flown back to DC for a week to get us moved on post.  Then I flew back and had some time with Chase at Nana and Papa’s before picking Eli up.  This is mainly a short picture post…more to come later! ;)  Thanks to all for the comments on the last post…I’m an awful blogger lately and I haven’t commented you guys back!!! I promise I will!!!!






  1. Don´t worry about the commenting. Love the pic´s of your boys. Hope you are starting to feel at home in your new "home".

  2. Those pics are amazing!! I esp. love the second one...it looks professional : )

    BTW: miss you too : (

  3. Thank you Betty! We are! It's so nice to finally be able to relax here in an unpacked (no boxes to trip over) home!

    Thanks Melinda!!! That second one is my fave too! I'm going to print it and hang it up I like it so much! I got really lucky with that shot!

    Jenny I don't know...I'm still wondering that about both boys!!! ;)

  4. I was shocked when I saw the second pic! He looks so grown!! Wow. Great pics!


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