Bloggie Buddies – I’ve missed you!

WOW is all I can say.  It has been ages since I've blogged, and that is SO unlike my blog-addicted self.  Hopefully life can start to be more "normal" now, and having us all not only in the same state together, but in the same house is a great start!

A little recap for those of you who aren't following Eli's blog - HE'S HOME!  So if you want to know more about his story, check out his blog (and if you don't have access, ask me to add you as a reader).  He is doing great, and we are just all thrilled to be together again.

We are slowly but surely getting settled in our new home on post.  We are so happy to finally be moved and have that behind us, and I promise I'll post pics when it is picture order.  Right now there are still stacks of things and piles of things in places they shouldn't be, so those have to be put up or put away before I start taking pics!  :)  Sorry, but you have to wait!

Well, that is all for now; I promise to start backtracking a bit and post some photos for you of the time I've been MIA.  But I won’t leave you hangin’…here are a few photos to tide you over…
OklahomaVisitH OklahomaVisitJ


  1. I´m so glad you got all settled in! And that Eli is with you again! Can´t wait to see the pic´s of your house. The boys looks great!

  2. Glad you left us with some pics! Also glad to see Eli home and that your getting settled in.

  3. Cute photos! So glad you guys made it home safely and are getting settled. Miss you bunches!

  4. So glad he is home. I can't imagine how hard that has been for you.
    I'm lifting you guys up in my prayers for a successful transition.

  5. You've won a blog award! Come pick it up at my blog! :)

  6. Stacey...the answer to your absence is simply this...your addiction to blogging has metamorphosized into an addiction to Facebooking! Oh yeah!!!! 14 status updates in one day???!!!! Ya can't fool me, girlfriend! And where's my horse-hair bracelet, huh?? grrrr.....

  7. welcome back :)

    I'd love to check out Eli's blog if you are willing to share!
    RN.allison at gmail dot com

    Looking forward to meeting you in real life soon!

  8. Glad you are back! I love the second pic. Too cute!

  9. Hey girl! So glad to "see" you again. I know things have been hectic for both of us, but I miss chatting with you. So glad Eli is home, and I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the new house!

  10. Thanks girls!!! Charity, I still need to pick up my award!!!! And Allison, I just now emailed you today!!!! I need the "Slowest Blogger Ever" award!!!! Sorry guys!!!


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