Hangin’ in the airport

And just a bit frustrated.  Our plane is delayed in getting here so I will more than likely miss my connection in Atlanta, and although they scheduled me for a later flight, it just puts it later for me to get home.  And I’m tired. 

I did get absolutely frustrated with my eyes yesterday and made an eye appt.  Boy am I glad I did, because I have a double eye infection.  That put me in a bind because I cannot tolerate contacts, and since I never wear glasses, mine are like 6 years old and I can’t see a darn thing out of them.  So today I’m sporting new glasses, which I haven’t done in YEARS, and I’m slowly getting used to them. 

I do have to address an issue though before I close out.  Well, okay 2 issues. 

Issue 1:  The full body pat down was not necessary. I know it looks really odd to wear a sweatshirt when it is COLD outside and raining on top of that, but seriously???  Could we not pat down the guy wearing the turban talking to himself in some strange language? Oops…profiling…silly me.  Perhaps a blonde girl screams “SEARCH ME” more than that guy.   If he starts kneeling on a rug, I’m out of here…Call it what you want, I’d rather be safe than sorry. 

Issue 2:  I love being from Oklahoma.  I’m proud to be from Oklahoma – country girl and all.  But is it necessary for some people to make all us Okie’s look like hicks?  I’m actually speaking specifically about the guy sitting in front of me, with a dip in his cheek bigger than Texas, a skoal can in his pocket, dirty wrangler jeans as if he just got in from delivering calves, and crap on his boots.  That attire is totally appropriate for farm work – but ummmm….SOOOOOO not appropriate for the airport.  Someone give this guy a makeover.  or clean his boots…If I have to sit next to him I’m gonna cough and make him nervous I’ve got the pig flu to make him move.  (But just for the record, I DON’T have the pig flu…)

Okay, that’s enough for my early morning rants.  The plane is fixing to land so I better wrap this up and get ready to get in line. 
Ciao peeps! Have a great Saturday!!!

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  1. You crack me up! It doesn't make sense to you that they would much rather pat down a gorgeous blonde chick than some stinky guy wearing a towel on his head? hehe!

    I totally get you on the hick thing. You know, when my hubby came for a visit from England(when we were dating) his boss seriously thought I was going to pick him up from the airport on a friggin horse! His work buddies also couldn't understand how I could possibly be pale skinned while living in TX. I guess we are all supposed to do everything on horses outside in the heat. Mud and all on our boots. ;)


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