Military Life = Moving

Mission accomplished!  My body feels completely broken, but we are officially out of the apartment and into our house! ;)
Here’s how it went down. 

Monday:  Packers packed everything up

Tuesday:  Movers loaded us up and delivered our things to the house. 

Wednesday: 1) We rented a truck and drove down near Quantico and bought a washer/dryer.  2) We then visited about 6 furniture stores looking for a twin mattress/boxsprings set for Eli’s new bed. 3) We went to IKEA and found some things for Eli’s room, and for the house in general.  4) We returned the truck, rented a Rug Doctor and headed to the apartment.  5) We then spent 6 hours deep cleaning the apartment, finishing up on the painting, and shampooing the entire…ENTIRE…apartment. 

Thursday: I am sitting here in bed in my house shamelessly eating Hostess donuts, waiting for the cable guy to finish installing what we need for phone/cable/internet and blogging away.  Oh yeah…and my body feels BROKEN.  I did not feel this way when we moved last year.  Is it that I’m just that much closer to 30 and you just flat fall apart when you hit that milestone?  Oh well, bring it. 
Later on today we will go back to the apartment for the last time, do the final inspection, hand over the keys, cry, look at that amazing view one last time, cry, and then bolt and run out of there and not look back.  *sigh* I’m gonna miss my city life.  Here we have deer in our front yard, so it’s a definite change. 

And to the moron on Facebook who called me too old to play farmtown game…HMPH.  I’m enjoying my age.  I do hate telling people I’m 29 though, because I always get that look of “umm hummm…how many times have you TURNED 29?”  So for the record, I am actually 29, but today feel as though I am knocking on 70. But I survived…and I’m glad to be here.  And that’s all that really matters…

So I will leave you with this…although I don’t know how interesting  you will find it.  I guess I want to make myself a list of my favorite things we experienced this year so that I won’t forget.  Because this has been an absolutely incredible year. 

*The metro – life was so convenient living near the metro…you were always just a short train ride away from everything you would ever want…
*The museums – Definitely the highlight I think I will cherish the most.  I have adored being so close and able to visit all of the museums over and over.  Such history and culture right in my own backyard.
*Crystal City Underground Shops- how convenient all those shops and restaurants were!  All right in our basement practically…but speaking of our basement…
*What our apartment offered – I have never in my life thought I would live in a building where in the basement you can find a convenient store, hair salon, yoga/personal training center, gym…it was all RIGHT THERE for us. 
*The parking – I did not adore this, but it is just a part of living in a big city/high-rise situation.  I had always watched Seinfeld episodes where people literally FOUGHT over parking spaces, and now I completely understand the frustration over lack of decent spaces. 
*The Crystal City Metro singers…they were the best.  You will find these guys singing for money all over the city…different groups of them.  But the ones at Crystal City were SO GOOD.  You couldn’t help but stop and listen and smile when you listened to them. 

And that’s all for now.  I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list as I remember stuff.  Right now I’m tired, and since nobody is up here I think I’m gonna take a nap.  I’m beat. 

Mom and Dad – Thank you so much for watching Chase…it has been such a wonderful help to us.  This has been a fast and furious move, and Chase would have been miserable… 



  1. Hey girl! What a whirlwind week! It sounds like you got so much accomplished though, and I can't wait to see pics.
    It's hard leaving the familiar but exciting to have something new too!

    Did you get my email from today? I know you've been busy--just checking.

  2. Glad to hear you are all settled!

    I'm kind of dreading the next few months of packing/selling stuff/trying to get rid of clutter...but at the same time looking forward to starting a new part of our life!

  3. Busy week for you! I´m glad you´re in your new place and I hope you feel at home soon! Now all you need it Eli with you! :)

  4. WOW! You HAVE been busy, but hopefully life will slow down for you a bit now. I'm gonna email you, but hopefully I'll see you Sunday??? Maybe???


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