Flashback Friday

June: "The Buddy System" (photos with friends)

I am starting a new month of FF with two goals…one is to participate every week ( it’s been hit or miss lately) AND to try to be more organized with my FF posts!  Since this month’s theme is all about photos with friends, I am picking this week’s post to be about the four legged buddies I’ve had throughout my life. 

I grew up on a farm, so animals were always around, and it wasn’t until I got older that I realized that not every little girl or boy is automatically is born into a family that includes horses, cattle, pigs, etc.    I especially see it with my kids, and although they aren’t able to spend a ton of time at Nana and Papa’s, I am so happy that they have access to all the farm stuff.  So here are some photos – some of which the quality is poor because they are from my childhood.  Too bad digital camera’s are relatively new…they are so much easier to “fix”!   

Me with Dual Crown, Daisy, and Cricket – This is a farm kid’s swimming pool…a horse tank!

Me on Dual…

Eli as a 2 month old sitting on Dual…his first horse to sit on! Dual, you’re aging well buddy!

So glad they can grow up around horses!


My grandma raised Border Collie puppies, and I always grew up with at least one at our house.  They make great farm dogs…
Baby piggies are so sweet…

And the big ones too…

stockshow2 My little goat herder…

It is my hope that my boys grow up with some great memories of their time visiting the farm and have a lifetime filled with lots of animal buddies.  I know I’m thankful for mine!


  1. Love the pictures of your animal friends. I have always loved horses, but I am scared of them. They are so big when your standing next to them! Pigs and goats are soo cute when they are babies. Happy Friday!!

  2. Thanks!! Happy Friday to you too...have a great weekend!

  3. Great photos, Stacey. Leave it to you to think of the four legged creatures as friends : ) Love all the photos and next time you are in town, I am dying to go riding. Apparently my mom use to barrell race : )

  4. What cute pics!! Those were fun.

  5. Couldn't pay me to ride a horse. Horses hate me.
    My grandma raised the other kind of collies. The plain old collies.
    When we were kids she had 6 of them and my sister and I pretended they were our kids.

  6. Great pic´s and I´m sure great memories! Animals and kids are so good together and I´m glad you are bringing your boys together with them too.

  7. Awww Melinda that is funny! My mom used to barrel race too! What a small world!

    Thanks ladies!!!

  8. girl, I was JUST on ebay today looking for cheap Vera Bradley stuff :) Doesn't sound 'trailer parkish" to me one bit! I'm all about finding a deal!!

  9. Like I always say...I think that you're so blessed to have grown up amongst ponies and piggies and swimmin' in the ponies' water bowls!!! :)))

    I love animals, I used to have four monkeys!!! And I had a goat once too! I wanted a sheep, but I could only find a black one and I didn't want a black one because I thought all sheep were supposed to be white...hahaha...

    Great pictures, Stace! I really think you look like Gena Davis in that pic showing off that pig right there! :)

  10. Aw, so cute- I think the pig takes the cute award, but the dog is pretty close.


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