Flashback Friday

June’s theme: “The Buddy System” – I want to see pictures of you and your friends or your kids and their friends and then reminisce on why that photo, that person, and/or that time in your life was/is so special.

Wow, I barely made it today!  When I went to look for my photo albums to scan in my pictures they were nowhere to be found.  And never mind that I couldn’t find the pictures, I hadn’t even thought that I had no idea where our scanner was either.  But Norman came to the rescue and found the albums, so now I can do my FF post. 

This week I am going to focus on my high school buddies.  Lots of people come from towns and schools that are so large, they don’t know many people outside of their class, much less their entire class and the entire school.  I consider it a blessing that I did come from a tiny community that gave a sense of family and security that you don’t have in large cities.  Now, I won’t pretend that it was all wonderful and grand.  There were plenty of things about it I absolutely hated.  I hated that gossip was the number one thing to do.  I hated that since I was a quiet bookworm for most of my H.S. life, I came across as snobby.  But come on…both my parents were teachers, so I didn’t have room to make a mistake…I was under a huge microscope.  But I had a good time through high school, and my senior year was my favorite year of all…so sorry for the long intro to the pics, but here ya go! 

This picture was taken our senior year when Anisea, Kelly, and I helped the picture taking people set up and do pictures for the elementary school.  I’m still in touch with both of these girls, and love them to pieces.  We’ve known each other since we were 5, and between crawdad fishing at Anisea’s and 4-H, and slumber parties, we’ve got a long history going…  And for the record, Anisea (top left) is the one who laughed at me for getting a minivan!!!) 


Kyle Base’s mom did the color on this photo, and I have absolutely loved it!  This was taken during Homecoming of our senior year…from L-R – Lezlie, Hilari, Anisea, Crystal, and me.

Some of the best friends I’ve made over my lifetime have come through my time spent as an FFA member.  This was taken our senior year, and I was President of our chapter.  My fondest memories during high school were during FFA functions… I was able to attend a conference in Washington D.C. which opened my eyes and heart to the love of our country and travel, not to mention helped me find my voice and ability to go from a follower to a leader.  I used to be very quiet…but thanks to this organization I have learned to speak up, and I think sometimes my parents wish I would just keep quiet.  :) FF3

Now, this may sound strange, but first off, this is my entire class.  Not all of us got along all the time, but we all grew up together and have made some sort of an impact on each other’s lives.   I am in fairly frequent communication with 8 of my classmates, which is pretty good, I think, for 12 years after the fact.  FF4


  1. Wow! thats a small class. I had like 300 in mine.

  2. You look like you were always the prettiest in your class!!! :)))


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