Flashback Friday

         June: "The Buddy System" (photos with friends)

In figuring out what group of friends I would pick for this week’s FF, I ran into sort of a dilemma.  I have to say that some people loved college, but I sort of had a love/hate relationship with it.  There were parts that I absolutely adored, and those are the parts I am going to focus on for this week.  I think these years were the years I finally grew into myself, and realized that as much as I loved small town America, there was more out there and I wanted to see it.  I also realized for the first time that not everyone was who they proclaimed to be, which is a hard lesson for someone who tended to be trusting.  I went from naive to cynical and skeptical, and unfortunately those things have stuck with me.  I learned some lessons that I wish nobody ever had to learn…that sometimes friends aren’t really who they claim to be, and the people you think you can trust the most turn out to be the most deceitful.  But back to the “friends” part… I am grateful for the wonderful parts of my first two years at Northern Oklahoma College.  So here are some of my good memories that I made at NOC. 

First off, these two guys will forever hold a soft spot in my heart.  Rusty and Buddy (aka Jose Cuervo).  I lived in a co-ed dorm, and these two guys were amazing friends of mine especially my first year.  They would have given you the shirt off their backs, and I have to say that I have one of those flashing roadside warning lights that we “acquired” on a trip back from Tumbleweeds.  :)  Fun times…


Next, my best group of friends was my radio club.  For those of you who didn’t know, I was a DJ on the local radio station… 90.7 FM The Zone.  Sally Nesselrode was our station director/teacher, and I can honestly say I love that woman still to this day.  We occasionally email, but I miss seeing her and our frequent talks.  And everyone else in this picture I have fond memories of, and I miss the station…

 NOCc And just in case you don’t believe that I was actually on the radio…
NOCb Yep, I really loved it!!!  And last but not least, I was in the Student Senate, and that is a saga in itself, but these girls made the senate ski trip bearable.  I’ve run into Jill since we graduated from college, and occasionally keep up via myspace/facebook.  I’ve always loved this picture, and had so much fun with these girls back during my NOC days…


Next week I will do the second part of my college days…my SWOSU years… :)


  1. How cool to be a D.J. and guy friends are the best!

    I haven't been able to do flashback fridays, because I can't find any pictures! :(

  2. Awww Stacey! Feel free to join in even without the pictures! Stories are good too! I just have all the pics because I never went anywhere without a camera in my hand...


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