I got an award! :)

From Stacey at Bloggin’ It Like It Is! Thank you so much for thinking of me, and for honoring me with this award! 

This award is called "Premios Dardo" which roughly translates to "Top Dart". The award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in his or her effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day. The rules are to accept it, link back to the one who awarded you, award it to 15 others who are worthy to receive it, then let them know.

The 15 I choose for this award are… 

Melissa K

Have a great Tuesday! My kiddos are up, so now it’s time to start my day! XOXO


Charity Joy Bell Childs said...
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New Girl on Post said...

Thank you so much Stacey! I am very honored that you picked me as one of the 15 for the award. I love reading your blog!

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Wow, thanks! This looks like a very serious award :)

Ally said...

Hey girl....thanks!!!!

Sorry I've gotten so behind on blogging. It's been a crazy week or so.

Love the pictures from the pool. I love having one in our complex, so we've been hanging there a lot too! Sadly I have no pictures yet though. :(
ANd what is this magical stain remover spray you spoke of? My carpets are driving me nuts. Hardwood definitely had it's advantages when it comes to spills. I feel like we have no hope with two dogs and two kids.

Stacey said...

Ally, look in the comments section under the 6 things post, and I posted a link to it. That stuff is serious MAGIC. It gets OLD carpet stains out. When we moved into our apt in DC there were black dots on the carpet that they swore wouldn't come out, but I got every single one of them out.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

I hope you know that my comment about the blog award yesterday was funny. I usually react like that to things to make it really funny, only with friends I consider to be close. Of course, with someone I didn't consider as a close friend, I would simply say "thank you I am deeply honored" or something very serious like that. I know I can be crazy with close friends and they'll only laugh at me. So I hope you're not taking that very seriously. Just thought I'd make sure about that. :)

Baloney said...

Thanks for the award!

Wendy M. said...

thanks for the award! How sweet! I don't know 15 people on here though. haha.