Lazy Saturday

It’s been raining out, and so we’ve been stuck indoors.  Chase has been sick, but luckily his fever broke last night (it had been 103), so we are soooo happy to have our happy (but still really sleepy) baby back. 

I realized that I had posted some pictures of our new home on facebook, but since not everyone on here is on facebook (especially my parents) I thought I’d post a few on here. 
For anybody visiting the blog, my family just recently moved on post here at Fort Belvoir, and we are really liking it here so far!

The houses here are built in the old colonial style that you find here in Virginia.  These are brand new, but they like to keep the style similar to what is common in this area.  This is our section…there are five homes grouped together and ours is the second one from the left. 

This is our front entry….


A couple views of the living room…



The kitchen…

BelvoirHouse4 Chase’s Room

Belvoir10 We loved his cute little leaf canopy with bug light on the wall…

Belvoir11 Belvoir9 Some of Eli’s room now…

Belvoir7 Belvoir8 This is a hallway downstairs that leads to the playroom on the left, and the guest bath and laundry


Here is the huge sandbox that Norman was so sweet to build for the boys before we all got home…

BelvoirHomea So that’s all for now.  That is probably waaaay more photos than you wanted, but hey – I’m trying to put off having to get up and make dinner!!!! haha.  Time to get cooking, so that’s all for now.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Cute home! I hope Chase gets better soon!

  2. wow!! I hope we can find something as nice when we arrive :)

  3. As my friend always says to me, as a funny and light way of being supportive, allow me to say to you as well... "I proud you." :)) You've made your home look great! :))

  4. Thanks ladies! Allison I am sure you will find something that fits you all perfectly and that you will love!

  5. It's beautiful Stace! You've done such a good job with it!! The sandbox is great! Hope Chase is feeling even better!

  6. I'm gonna need to come over and play in that sandbox! :)
    Seriously, your home is adorable! You have done a beautiful job! When we move, you can come over and do my house next! No?

  7. Sweet lovleliness, I have tagged you to play the game of six! Visit Thoughts and find out how to play it! :) mwa!

  8. Hi, I am popping over from Melinda's page. Your house is so pretty! I love it! Your boys are super cute!

  9. Thank you all so much! Jayna, come on over! :)
    Charity I will head on over and check it out!

  10. I love your new home! I especially like the white trim with the darker walls, and chases room. Too cute! I bet the boys are getting alot of use out of that sandbox too, so special that daddy built it. Chase, I want a bug light in my room too!

  11. Gorgeous!!! I can't believe how much you have already done even though you haven't been there that long. You are one amazing mama!! : )

  12. Come get your award off my blog! :)

  13. The curtains in the living room are so neat! And I love the sand box


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