Livin’ at the Pool

We have been spending a ton of time at the pool here on post, and I am LOVING that part of being here on Belvoir for sure.  Now that Eli has conquered his fear of dunking his head under water, I am signing him up for swimming lessons, because he wants so badly to swim off with the bigger kids to the deep end.  Plus all the cool slides are on the deep end, so I think that has something to do with it!  He is content to go back and forth between the big pool and stay in the 4 foot side and then come over and play with Chase in the baby pool.  Since we’re spending most of our days there, I figured I’d share some pics with you!

First off, you couldn’t ask for a better location…the pools (there are 3 – a lap pool, a huge kid pool with slides, diving boards, and floating lilypads for the kids to play on, and a large baby pool, are situated right above the Potomac and the view is just beautiful! This pic doesn’t do it justice, but it was all I could snap as my battery was running out!

OClubPoolf Now, one thing that I’m sure you don’t see at most civilian pools is this sight…It is normal to me now to see the uniforms everywhere…the grocery store, gas station…but when I saw this at the pool the other day I had to take a picture of it. 

And now here are some pics of the boys playing and enjoying their pool time…while I’m enjoying getting a tan!






  1. It must be nice to have such a nice pool to go to so close. Chase especially looks so big in the pics. Its been so hot here, I wish I was there to cool off!

  2. those pics came out great! Your kids are just beautiful! I love the one of Chase squating with that silly grin on his face! Too cute!

  3. Looks like fun! We have been doing the same, my kids love the water!!

  4. Thanks Girls!!! Shawna, when I was little Jordan and I tried so many summers to dig ourselves a "pool" in the backyard in that red sandrock. I was so deprived as a kid I think that's why we go so much now!!! hehe

    Wendy - Thank you so much!!! When are you coming back up here girl?!

    Thank you Kristin!


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