A lot can happen in a week…errrr 4 days…

Lets see if I can do a quick recap on what has transpired during these past few days. 

1. Change of cars

We started out the week driving this…


My beloved Altima.  Now, we have a serious amount of gratitude for our Altimas.  When I was 4 months pregnant with Eli, a stupid, ignorant, moronic, woman decided to run a stop sign a little bit north of Panama City Beach, and in doing so, she ROLLED out going about 8 miles per hour onto the highway, where Norman and pregnant me were happily sunburned and headed home from the beach.  Might I also add that we were clipping along at about 75 miles per hour and had like less than 100 feet to react to the idiot woman who casually rolled out in front of us.   Bottom line, the car was demolished, but Norman and I walked away.  Not really sure about the condition of the lady…she was in bad shape.  But my broken/cracked ribs and bruises were nothing compared to the fact that the emergency personnel felt we should haven’t come out of that period.  That car with it’s safety features, saved (all 3 of) our lives.  So we followed up that silver one with the green one.  I love my Altimas.  But I need more space…oh, and the car was literally on its last leg.  

So we ended up trading the car to get Norman this vehicle…A Kia Sportage – I will add that I am such a good wife because I encouraged him to get the NEW car, and I got the used! But we each got what we wanted, so we are thrilled! :) 

And believe it or not, I have been seriously WANTING/NEEDING a….drumroll…MINIVAN!  I was talking to my friend Anisea from home, and when I told her I got a minivan she seriously started laughing at me.  I guess I don’t give off the minivan vibe, but I am thrilled with it.  We even considered an SUV which are a bit more hip, but I just really wanted that sliding door.  So I am sooooo happy with my new wheels!  
2.  Change in Chase’s routine…
Today we officially enrolled Chase in his first school – A private day school called Minnieland!  He is in the 3 day a week program, and he will be going on M, W, and F.  Yay for him…he will love it.  Lots of playtime intermixed with the curriculum, plus lots of outdoor time, and they even have a nature corner outside where they plant things and water their plants, etc.  He tried out the playground, and even Eli approved, so it was a hit.  He starts Monday, and we are so excited about it. 

3.  Change in Eli’s routine…

We FINALLY got word that we were accepted into the small (impossible to get in to) program (ECHO) our insurance has that covers the much needed ABA therapy, and we can start that pretty much as soon as they call with the appointment availability.  We will be working with C.A.R.D., and they do it all.  They come to our home, they work with him at their center, they will work with him at his school when he starts in the fall… They said that it usually only takes a week to get your first appointment, so hopefully we can get that scheduled tomorrow.  It is so involved to get into this program offered by our insurance.  It is a long approval process, but once you are in, you can get the services/help you need, and the ABA has been crucial for Eli.  The difference it makes is night and day for him, really, so the fact that Chase will be in school 3 days a week and I will have those days to devote completely to Eli and those appointments is just thrilling.  I have cried more in the past two days I think out of frustration, relief, etc…It has been an emotional few days for sure. 

And I swear that’s not all that has been going on, but that’s all my exhausted brain can remember.  :)  So I’ll wind this up…but a note for my dad…I now have goats on my farm – I knew you would think that is as cool as I do.  (For everyone else, no, not real goats.  My dad has the real ones, but I have the virtual ones on my Facebook Farm Town game).  :)  Ciao for now… :)


  1. Wow...thank you for reminding me how important all those safety features in cars are...its such a surprise to realize that you were in a car accident once in your life! Good lord! Thank God you came out okay!!! And yes...that stupid idiot moron lady!

  2. Did your Altima turn like a bus? Mine sure does. That's the only thing I don't like!

    Yeah for the insurance coming through. Considering the insurance, that is really impressive!

  3. WOW, what a week! At somepoint the minivan is just the thing to have. ALthough I still dream about a cute 2 seater convertable at night!! :)

  4. I´m amazed at all the resources you have for your son. I find that so great and such a blessing! Something our country has too little of!

  5. Wow, what a week. Never a dull moment, huh? :)
    I love both of those cars! I too would like a mini-van. May not be the hippest thing on earth, but I think as mothers practicality wins over hip every time. At least for me!
    Good news about both of the boys too!

  6. Thanks guys!!! Casey, I don't think it turned like a bus? But maybe it did and I just was used to it lol. Kristin, I swear when my boys are grown I'm going to get the cute purple Jag and I saw on a lot in Tampa about 7 years ago. I fell in love with it, and am just biding my time until I can have it!!! :) Betty, unfortunately the way our country is heading with this socialized healthcare, I feel like our resources will be less and less. So I am very thankful to have what we do right now...Ally, you are so right...practicality wins every time!!! :) Love ya gals!

  7. I'm so thrilled for your ABA/C.A.R.D. victory. That's no easy task!
    Can't wait to hear about all the progress.

  8. Yay for the minivan! I swore I'd never have one, but when I got pregnant with Jack something had to give. And now I LOVE it. You couldn't get me to give it up. Is yours a Toyota Sienna?


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