A Capitol Fourth!!!!! (And some other stuff)

First of all, I have to say that this was the best 4th of July I’ve ever experienced.  Norman and I were talking on the way home last night, and we decided that it is by far one of our favorite family memories of all times.  It was indescribable and completely unbelievable. 

I’ll start with the “other stuff” first and save the best for last.  First, we left the house about 10:30 am to head to the National Archives to stake out a spot for the 4th of July Parade.  In comparison, the Memorial Day Parade is TONS better, so I think this might be the only 4th of July Parade we will go to, but at least we have been and know now the difference.  I mean, they had an Arthur float.  What does Arthur have to do with our Independence?  The kids loved him, but still.  I love all the colonial stuff…the drums, the costumes, everything… Here are a few pics of the parade…
CapitolFourthParade1 It was PACKED.  On both sides of the street in every direction.  I mean PACKED!



Now, this next subject I am about to tell you about is a little on the “touchy” side. So I will tell it to you like this.  I took the boys, left Norman at the parade, and we went to our first ever protest. Yep, we went to the Tea Party that was going on at Senate Park at the Capitol.  For those of you who have been following this blog, or understand anything about us, you will “get it”.  If not, then your probably not supposed to get it.  *Disclaimer* My actions are mine and mine alone.  NOT to be a reflection on my husband or his political beliefs.  As a military officer, he has no political beliefs and is not allowed to participate in such events.

Now, on the way to the Tea Party, the boys and I passed this idiot…

CapitolFourthDay3 Nice, dude.  You are handcuffed, the alcohol is on the curb, and you are a mere block from the National Parade.  Yeah, nice.  But this was still a part of our day, so you know I had to share it with you!

Now, here are some Tea Party pictures.  If you do not agree with my political stance, that is fine, I don’t care who believes what…that is our right as Americans.  But I  will not allow ugly comments to be posted about this, so know that if you leave me an ugly comment, it will be deleted.  Seriously.  I don’t care if you want to vote Chelsea Handler’s little midget, Chewy, in as Speaker of the House…that’s your right.  But NO UGLY COMMENTS.  And let me be clear again.  These are my beliefs…my husband has none.  He loves all and serves all…Oh wait, that is the Hard Rock’s saying… But you get the point. 


There were a TON of people there, and it was truly a neat thing to see people come together peacefully to voice their opinions and concerns.  I am proud to have gone…with the boys…alone.

Now, once Norman rejoined us, we happened upon this tent that had a beam in it that they are going to use in the building of the 9-11 Memorial in NYC.  They were allowing people to sign it, and to be a part of history by signing your name on an actual beam that will be used.  Totally Cool. 




Then, after signing the beam, we headed up to the Capitol to get in line for the Capitol Fourth Concert.  On the way we stopped to snap a photo of the boys…

Then we headed to the Capitol Fourth Concert.  It was flat out UNBELIEVABLE!  We got in line at 2:30, they started letting people in at 3, and the concert started promptly at 8.  But it was SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.  We plan on doing it next year, weather permitting.  
Here we are waiting for it to start.  We waited…and waited…and waited…


  We made some friends…

CapitolFourth5  We danced to LIVE Aretha Franklin and Barry Manilow, and perhaps the most magical part of the evening for me was…well…there were 2.  1.  WE ALL MADE IT ON TV TWICE!!!! WORLD WIDE TV! :)  And then 2.  I TOUCHED BARRY MANILOW!!!!!!!!!  Touched his arm and that was freaking cool! :) But I have to say that dancing with my family to Aretha singing some of her most famous songs was just unbelievably cool.  We were all having a ball…Chase was dancing and singing…Eli was dancing and clapping and waving his flag…. And several friends and family members have already let us know they have seen us on the show!!!! It was Too AWESOME!!!!!    And of course the fireworks at the end was a perfect ending to a perfect, sunburned day.  I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  I was with my family, we had the time of our lives doing something we’ve only dreamed of doing, and the best part…it didn’t cost a dime, but it meant the world. 


  1. You had an eventful day! Glad you had a great 4th!

  2. What an AWESOME 4th! And I LOVE that you went to a tea party. I'm totally jealous. I think they are great!

  3. How fun. I'm so jealous that you got to dance to aretha live. What a neat memory!

  4. LOL - so Norman was NOT with you at the protest. Are you sure?! Just kidding.

    Love the pics and thanks for sharing. You have a unique opportunity to celebrate our country since you are in D.C.

    As for Barry Manilow - I could listen to him sing all day but I'm not sure I want to touch him. He seems a bit freaky?!

  5. What an awesome 4th of July! I'm so jealous about the concert, it sounds like it was amazing!

  6. So cool about the tea party - I would have totally gone with you :)

    And I can't WAIT til our first July 4th in DC - I am dying to go to the Capitol Fourth celebration!

  7. Sounds like you had such an awesome time!

    Call me sometime soon. Our DC area plans are up in the air. May only have very short notice :( Looks like we may just be going for a long weekend if we do go.

  8. Where did you go on facebook? hmhmmm...

    You are so crazy, Stacey! Taking pics of people and calling them idiots! hahahahahahaha!

  9. Thanks girls!!!

    Baloney, yep, Barry M. is a bit "plastic-y" but still...he's THE man :). And yeah, I'm pretty sure Norman skipped the tea party! ;)

  10. Stacey, something is wrong with my FB, I can't find you in my friends list! I'll look for you...



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