Flashback Friday

July: "Holiday Road" (vacation photos)

Last week when I did my Jamaica vacation, I didn’t realize that next month’s photos will all be “water” ones…like beach, pool, etc.  So now I know to stay away from more beachy ones until then!!!  So this week, I picked our Walt Disney World/Universal Studios  vacation that we took when Eli was 3 (2006).  It was a momentous trip because little did we know, it would be the last one we would take (big vacation anyway) as a family of 3!  It was also wonderful because Jordan got to come with us. 
DSC00986 Chip&DaleEli2


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  1. I love Disney world/Universal Studios! I think my favorite was Universal Studios. I was there when I was 17, and I have never been back.:( I would love to take the kids there someday.

  2. LOL - I did a Disney post today too! Great minds think alike!!

  3. Fun vacation. My favorite park at Disney is Epcot and Animal Kingdom :)


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