Flashback Friday

July: "Holiday Road" (vacation photos)

For this week’s vacation theme, I decided to do our vacation out to Silver Dollar City that we took last June.  All four of us flew out to Tulsa, mom and dad and Jordan picked us up, and we all got to
go together! It was the best time, and such an amazing thing for us to all be together. 

The shops were amazing.  So neat to see all the handmade stuff…

IMG_3830We even got to dip our own candles, which I remember doing as a kid with my parents when we went years and years ago…
IMG_3866  And of course there are all the fun rides…
IMG_3892 And waiting for all the fun rides…

IMG_3860 And then dressing up innocent boys as pretty little girls ;)
IMG_3856  There is just so much family stuff to do there…it is an amazing place to vacation…



Who knew Jordan had wings?  I always figured he hid a pitchfork all the time we were growing up…  :)


It was an amazing trip.  And this picture of Chase pretty much sums up how exhausted we all were at the end of our trip.  


From there, we went back to my parents farm in Oklahoma to spend some family time before heading back to DC, and of course the horses are the main attraction for Eli…


And that about wraps it up.  We had the best time, but the most important thing was that we were all able to go together.  It’s a rarity these days for all of us to be together for any length of time, so this trip was an extra special treat. 


  1. We went to Silver Dollar City a couple years ago, and It just wasn't as fun as I remembered it.

    Of course, maybe if we had the kids with us, it would of been more fun. lol

    My favorite shop was the christmas store.

  2. How fun! I have never been there.

    I am cracking up at your comment regarding Jordan's wings...too funny!! I won't tell him you said that : )

  3. What? Why do they dress up little boys like pretty little girls? I don't get it!

    I would love to dip my own candles...just think...it's creating a source of light...and that is always a wonderful thing to create, don't you think? :)

  4. Stacey - I loved that shop too!!!

    Melinda, you guys should totally take the boys there! It sounds like a cheesy vacation, but there is so much to do...it is fantastic!!!

    Charity - you crack me up!!! lol I put that bonnet on him and took the pic. They were just so pretty I had to try one on SOMEONE!!! And his was the only head that would fit! :)

  5. We were wondering if it was fun out there....we might have to try it now, since we're so close!!!


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