A little on our week…

We are having a fantastically busy week!  Monday started off normally, with Chase at preschool, so I took Eli to the base pool during the afternoon.  Tuesday Eli started swimming lessons in Manassas, and it is weird driving past “Battle of Bull Run” signs.  :)  He is doing soooo well!  Up until this past spring, Eli had a horrible issue getting his face wet at all.  But now – today – he is dunking his head under water to pick pennies up from the bottom of the shallow end of the pool!  I am such a proud momma for that.  And Eli is so proud of himself!  He has come such a long way since Christmas…all the improvements have been overwhelming, but to see him learning to swim is just something I wanted so badly for him, and now he is able to do it! 

So he has those lessons T, W, TH, this week and next week, and they are private, which are WONDERFUL! I think he would have not paid well enough attention in a class setting.  Now Chase…poor little guy had a tumble today and really bruised up his face.  He is doing so well in preschool; he goes M, W, F, and it has been so good for him. He claps when we pull into the school parking lot, and runs in the door and hollers “bye bye” to Eli and me, and he’s ready to start his day. 

We have (another) appointment with Fort Belvoir schools on Monday to try to get Eli enrolled – AGAIN.  We are NOT satisfied with the run-around we’ve gotten from the office staff, but we’ve heard the teachers are wonderful, so I’m trying not to flip out completely. 

Well, that’s about all for me for tonight.  Here are a few pictures I’ve taken this week…

Monday’s swimming outing


Swimming Lessons – Session 2


Chaser’s poor bruised face

Ciao Peeps!


  1. Way to go, Eli! I bet you are a proud mama!

    Poor Chase! Looks like he did beat himself up a bit! He doesn't seem to mind showing his wounds off for the camera! Cuties!

  2. I am so excited that things are going so well for Eli!! What an answer to prayers.

    I'm definitely in need of some girl time too. I'll see what I can talk Josh into ; )

  3. BTW - that first pic is perfect!!

  4. Oh, Stacey! Eli looks so much like you! :)

    Goodness! I have followed him for so long, I feel proud of him, too!!!! :))

  5. Don't you look cute hanging by the pool?
    You can't have it all I guess. Hopefully the teachers are much better than the administration!

  6. Thanks girls!!! I'm hoping so too Jonni!


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