We have a swimmer!

Eli has finished his swimming lessons, and we are proud to say that although he still needs a lot more practice to feel more comfortable in the deep end, HE IS SWIMMING!!!!

If you haven’t read Eli’s blog to know that he used to have the biggest issue getting his face/head wet, then you don’t know what a struggle it had been.  So the fact that he is not only swimming above water, but under the water is reason enough for us to just jump for joy! I had posted some of his swimming lesson pictures below, so I’ll just post this pic of him swimming on his last day of lessons…UNDER WATER!!!!   Seriously…the kid used to scream if one drop of water hit his face.  This is just so amazing for him!!!  Pool4 And then these pics I snapped on my cell phone camera when we were at the pool here on post the other day. 


And then when we got home and Chase had taken his bath, this is how I found him…



And yes, that is a dryer ball in his lap.  He would rather play with those than the jillions of toys we buy for him.  ;)


  1. Awwww, look at that sweet little sleeping baby! How precious! And a BIG HUGE YAY for Eli! Please tell him how proud and excited we are for him and for you guys!!

  2. BTW - love the new "disclaimer" title of your blog...too, too funny : )

  3. Hooray for Eli!
    Do the dryer balls really work?

  4. I am sooooooo proud of him! I feel like I'm his auntie or something! :)

    Stacey...would you like to upload a template to your blog? I notice that you always are changing your layout...if you could upload a really nice template, maybe you could finally find a look that expresses you best! :)

    kisses many!


  5. He's a little fish now! I like your disclaimer also.

  6. yay! what an accomplishment :) congrats to Eli!

  7. That's huge! Congrats to Eli!

    Chase is just adorable in those last pics! He's getting so big!!

    Miss you!

  8. Melinda - I will...and THANK YOU!!! :)

    Baloney, they totally work! I am allergic (and Chase is too) to detergents and fabric softeners and sheets, so we have to use the All Free and Clear, and use only the dryer balls in the dryer. I do use Vinegar as my fabric softener and it does get the clothes rinsed extra well and softens them!

    Charity, thanks for that, but I enjoy creating the different backgrounds. It's a sickness...I like change! lol

    Thank you Stacey and Allison...

    And Ally...I miss you too chickadee...

  9. Your little one sleeping is so cute! I love to look at them like that, so peaceful! Congrats on Eli in the pool, that is very exciting. And I like the new layout!


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