Flashback Friday (on Saturday!)

Holiday Road – Vacations


Okay, so I put a reminder on Facebook for everyone to do FF, and yet I forgot! :)  So since it was the last on in July, I wanted to do it, even if it was a bit late. 

This little vacation was just a day trip that we took last year (up around the Baltimore area), but we had a ball.  It was our first ever Renaissance Festival, and I am looking forward to going again.  It was so amazing!!!

There was jousting…
And elephant rides


Pretty flowery crowns to wear, and kisses to give…


Lots of neat shopping and food to eat…

RenFair2And fun characters such as these…
RenFair9 And plenty of fun picture taking opportunities.  I loved this bridge (even if Eli wasn’t so thrilled!)
So that’s it!  The theme for August is “Water Water Everywhere”, and I am looking forward to that!  Our favorite place in the world to be is at the pool or beach! :)


  1. I have never been to the renaissance festival, and I would love to go. It looks like so much fun!

    I need to get out more! Seeing all these vacations makes me realize how much of nothing I do!

  2. They are so fun, and they have them all over...usually in the fall. lol at "how much of nothing I do". Can I trade you??? Cause I think if I did a bit more of nothing I'd be more relaxed and less stressed!!! And no need for happy pills!!! lol

  3. I LOVE the Renaissance Festival! We had one in ATL that we would go to every year. Wish I had more pics from them...but that was waaaaaaay before the digital age : )

  4. hahahaha! I remember my elephant rides back then in the zoos in America! :)

  5. I gave you another award on my blog. Come get it!

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