Mom and Dad’s Visit – Day 2 (part 2)

Lets see….I left off last time with a picture of the Smithsonian Castle, so I’m going to start with some inside pictures of the castle…
It’s just so beautiful in there…

mndvisit19 This room is the most beautiful, but unfortunately you can’t tell that from the bad lighting…


This was a poster from the movie Night at the Museum:Battle at the Smithsonian…or something like that.  Do you remember this scene?


Well here is the actual set!  Pretty cool!


Then they had the American Idol judges set that was used from 2002-2007…
mndvisit18 Here’s mom and dad in front of the gorgeous windows…the place is just beautiful… FYI my dad is starting to get really annoyed at me at this point for  all the “one more picture” comments! :)


And then here’s Norman and me…I was hot, sweating horribly, still angry at the PETA idiots, and this wasn’t my best picture ever.


From here we left and went to Ford’s Theatre.  It is so beautiful…it re-opened in February of this year after massive renovations and restoration, and it was worth the wait. 

This is the booth where Lincoln was shot.



Ummm…dad, I’m pretty sure there was a no cell phone rule somewhere…

mndvisit28 The ceiling in the place  was magnificent!!!!


And that about wraps it up…I did miss a few pictures that I wanted to post that were taken at the American History Museum, so I’m sorry for backtracking, but I’m going to add them here…

We happened to walk past an empty exhibit, so my dad jokingly got behind the glass to be the exhibit.  So he should have known, if I took a picture it was bound to wind up on here!!!! :) 


A section of the Berlin Wall… mndvisit13

This was part of the structure – a beam that was used in the construction of the South Tower, and was found in the rubble after 9/11.mndvisit14 And that’s all for now!  Day 3 we did monuments, so that will be my next post!  Ciao!


  1. Just catching up. I love all of your pictures! You make a great tour guide.

  2. What cool places to visit.

    Doesn't your dad understand you have a blog, and you have to take all these wonderful pics?! lol

  3. Again, I sooooo need to get up there!


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