Mom and Dad’s Visit…Day 2 (part 1)

(Actually day three…they arrived on Saturday, we relaxed Sunday, and then that brings us to Monday)

We decided to do museums on Monday, so we went to the American History Smithsonian, the Natural History Smithsonian and the original Smithsonian Castle.  Along the way my dad got into a wonderful “discussion” with PETA people, and the only thing I will say about that is that PETA people…don’t start bringing up Bible quotes when you obviously are not students of the Bible and you are talking to one.  My dad is very knowledgeable in this area, and you didn’t stand a chance.  Okay, enough being nice…To you PETA people down on the National Mall…in between the Castle and the Natural History…YES YOU…Please pack up your horrible posters and close your uneducated mouths and go back to your little corner of the world you came from.  Okay, I know my M and D are mad at me for that, but oh well…sorry.  :) 

We then got to go to Ford’s Theatre, and that was amazing.  We hadn’t been there since it re-opened in February, and they did a fabulous job.  Eli loves Lincoln, so he really enjoyed that… And now, here are some pictures!!!

My dad loves how I take so many pictures…


Outfits worn by Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln…


Dad talking to the crazy PETA people…  MnDVisit5

Smithsonian Castle…What people traditionally think of as “The Smithsonian”.  There are really a lot of them, actually, and this is more of an information center. 


Okay, that’s all for now…More pics to come later! Nighty night peeps!


  1. Hmmm - wouldn't I just love to try on that dress worn by Mary. You think they would let me? : )

    Looks like you guys had a great time! I am so dying to get up there and see you!!

  2. haha Melinda, I'm sure that pretty glass has some amazing built in alarms :). But it sure would be fun! You need to tell Josh you need some girl time and just hop on the next flight out! ;)


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