While I’m Waiting…

This song, if you have never heard it, well…it’s my constant companion today…and perhaps until the end of the week.

The thing is that just when you feel like you have settled into a place…settled and started feeling comfortable…change happens.  It might be for the good or for the bad, but it happens.  Just when my heart was settled…And for me, I have to point out that internally settling down and being comfortable and my heart putting down roots is where my comfort level is decided. 

We know this military lifestyle is not permanent, just like this life isn’t permanent, so as much as I enjoy traveling, I have to keep in mind that everything is temporary.  Everything! From my home down to where I shop…it’s all apt to change in the blink of an eye. 

Unfortunately, this “blink” may take a week to be decided.  Will we stay or will we go?  It’s out of our hands, and in someone else’s.  I just pray that God keeps directing us the way we are supposed to go, because that way is never wrong.  But I will sit here…waiting…and praying that I can be happy with whatever path is chosen for us next…

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  1. I think you will be happy. Even with the struggles, you are presented with so many opportunities.

  2. I've been wondering where you are, Stacey! I presumed you were busy! I was right! :)

    It's okay, I think we all understand you! :)


  3. Thanks guys...I think for me the not knowing part is the hardest...

  4. What's going on Stace? Thanks for the comments on my blog! We need to catch up! Send me an email if you get a chance!! I need to stay away from blogging and facebook at work, so email is usually the best way to talk.


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