Changes all around

So Eli has been out of whack lately…  Mostly the last two days.  He doesn’t do well with change, but we had no idea that the change from summer to fall would upset him so much.  I know Norman and I had told him about the seasons, and I think he’s learning some about the different seasons at school, but the last 2 days have been insane.  Seriously insane.  He’s upset, all over the place, running everywhere…impatient, mean… and this morning it clicked.  I had been racking my brain to figure out what on earth was wrong with him…meds - check, routine the same – check, happy with school – check.  But then on the way to school near tears he says, “Mommy! I see a leaf and it’s about to fall…it’s going to fall off the tree.”  Most all of the trees here are still green, but it’s knowing that there is a change – he was shrieking and just seemed so beside himself. 

He had asked yesterday, “What ended yesterday”, and I said, “summer”.  And he has just been so focused on the fact that something has ended and something else has started.  We’ve never dealt with this before – course, as he gets older he’s more aware of this type of stuff.   Hopefully he will adjust to the change of seasons and weather, even though it is still so hot here.  Today is just a half day at school and I am dreading it…he does better at school than at home, so I hate that during all this he doesn’t have the consistency of the full day of school.  At least Chase is at preschool today, so hopefully we will have some quiet time to talk and work some of his worries out.  This is constantly a changing process, and just when things are going well, BOOM…summer has to end.  We’ll see how the rest of today goes…

For now, I am enjoying the glazed donuts that I bought on my way home…I have a couple of hours of quiet time to myself and plan to enjoy it thoroughly…and today, Dunkin Donuts is part of that. 

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  1. Enjoy those glazed donuts and your quiet time. You deserve it!

  2. wow, it's just so interesting to me that something as seemingly normal as change from summer to fall can have such an impact on someone with autism! Your blog definitely educates me every day!

    When are we going to meet up?!? This is my last week of day shift, then I switch to nights next week :( boooo. But I'll be back on days in three weeks, so maybe sometime then?

  3. Thanks girls...and Allison, we definitely need to meet up SOON! :)


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