I’m such a fraud

So tonight I went to the Parent Orientation at Eli’s school, and I seriously about bawled throughout the whole thing.  First there were all the booths set up for boy scouts, and different activities, and then there was the PTO (YEARLY) signup group.  There was the book fair, and lots of merchandise with Fort Belvoir Dolphins on the front.  My baby’s first school experience, and I’m attending this thing…this meeting…that is aimed at “partnership through the year” and they have no idea that I’m out of here in December.  They have no idea that all I am desperate for is an IEP, and once that IEP is in hand I can drop the bombshell that we are moving in Dec, and start talking to them about how much earlier can I get him checked out of school for our move. 

I’m just afraid that if I tell them that we are leaving now, I won’t get his IEP done, which will mean starting over in Louisiana.  AND WE CAN’T START OVER.  I am past all the hard stuff…I got his medications worked out to where they can give them to him at school…I’ve gotten everything done, and the IEP meeting will happen soon and it will be WRITTEN and BEHIND US.  But this school won’t be.  Bless Eli’s heart…  For all the things he has trouble with, this child is looking forward to a new house…but I think it will make him sad to leave his first school behind.  He truly loves it and is doing so well.  He won student of the week last week!!!  I’m proud of him, and honestly, 6 houses (moves) in almost 6 years of life, he’s doing pretty doggone well.  Better than me right about now. 

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  1. If you have to hide it to get the IEP, oh well!

    Congrats to Eli for being student of the week!

  2. Student of the week? That is AWESOME!
    Hooray for the start he is geting. Starting over will be hard but one good experience will only help him look forward to the next school.
    The balance between preparation and worry is so hard to keep in check.
    Get that IEP and life will be easier.

  3. Stace, you are so not a fraud. First of all--the whole night was to provide info---feel free to informed. ;) You are making the absolute best decisions that can be possible made for you child. You, my dear sweet friend, are the geniune deal. xoxox


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