Flashback Friday

                                          October: "Costume Party"

I’m starting off the month’s theme with last years Halloween.  It was the first year that Chase was old enough to get into the whole costume thing, and he enjoyed being a little dragon!   Eli had a lot of fun with his costume too.  Chase wants to be “Boots” from Dora, so I’d better start looking for his costume, and Eli wants to be Diego.  That would be cute, I just hope I can find the costumes!

These pictures were taken from the Mommy and Me Halloween celebration in Rockville, Maryland.  Mommy and Me days up in Rockville are something that they do all throughout the summer and fall, and they host lots of neat activities.  This area is just rich in things to do and stuff for kids.  I’m definitely going to miss it… 





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  1. They were so cute! This year Hunter wants to be Mario and Meg is going to be a ballerina. I already have the costumes ordered. I'm going to do your flashback friday theme on my blog every week!

  2. fun fun fun fun fun photos, Stacey!!!

    Come pick up your new blog award at my blog!!! :)))

  3. Thanks guys!! Nikki, I'm glad you're joining in!! Charity, I'm on my way over to your blog!!!


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