Flashback Friday

October: "Costume Party"

For this weeks flashback I decided to do our very first Halloween with 2 kiddos!  Chase was 9 months old, and went as an adorable spider, and Eli had just turned 4 and he went as a big bee.  This was perhaps my all time favorite Halloween/Trick or Treating experience.  A bunch of our neighbors sat outside, around one of those small fire pits to keep warm and to hand out candy.  Norman took the boys around the neighborhood, and I stayed home to pass out candy and snap pictures of the boys as they were coming and going.  Even after all of the trick or treaters had gone home, the adults continued to stay outside and enjoy the friendship and warmth of the fire…I miss the many friends we had while being in Dayton…I have many wonderful memories of our time there…But enough rambling…Here’s the pictures!

OhioHalloween1 OhioHalloween2



The bottom right picture is Eli with his friend Aiden.  Aiden’s mommy and I became good friends through a parenting board, and we all got the chance to meet when she flew up to Dayton to visit her best friend…who just happened to live right up the street from me!  That is how I met Sara and her beautiful little Nick!  That was such a wonderful year…We cherished our time there and are so thankful for all of the life-long friends we have made along the way. 


  1. They look so cute on their costumes! Where's yours?

  2. How cute! I almost got that spider costume for Beau this year...how funny : )


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