Happy 6th Birthday Sweet Eli!

It seems like only yesterday that I was standing in my kitchen at  Maxwell Air Force Base washing up the paci’s that I’d be taking with me to the hospital the next morning.  I had to be at the hospital by 6:00am to start the induction process…how could my sweet baby be 6 already? 

It has been a long road f0r us these past 6 years, but you have blessed us more than I can express…frustrated us too, but Eli, you’ve taught us more than we ever thought possible.  We love you and your brother more than anything, and are so blessed to have you as our son.  Happy birthday sweet boy…

Here are a few pictures…okay, maybe more than a few, but these are some of the moments along the way…

Eli was born at Baptist South Hospital in Montgomery, Alabama

EliBirth1 Welcome to the world little guy! 7 lbs 2 oz

EliBirth2A quiet moment with mommy


Home Sweet Home!

EliBirth5 1st Birthday, Montgomery, Alabama

EliBirthday1 Maxwell Air Force Base Air Show – Age 2


Eli age 3 at Disney World in Orlando


Eli at Preschool – age 4 – in Dayton, Ohio (Wright-Patt AFB)


Eli – age 5.  First day of Kindergarten at Fort Belvoir Elementary


I’ll stop with those…We love you Eli…We look forward to many more fun filled years and birthdays with you…We are so proud of you!


  1. I love that first pic of you Stace...you're like...what the hell just happened? lol

    Isn't it amazing to see pictures like that side by side? You know they've grown but don't realize how much till you see the pictures over the years all together.

    Happy Birthday Eli!

  2. Awww..love all the pics. They grow up way to fast! Love the picture with all the hair!

  3. I love the crazy hair pic!! Happy Birthday big guy!!

  4. Happy Birthday Eli!

    I love seeing all the pictures!!! It's amazing how quickly they grow up and there is never a time it's more obvious as when you see the pictures all together.

  5. Thanks ladies!!! It's amazing how fast the time goes by...

  6. I love the picture story! Happy birthday Eli!

  7. HAPYY BIRTHDAY, Son! I love you Eli!

  8. Happy Birthday, Eli!

    Wow, he had lots of hair when he was born!


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