Maryland Renaissance Festival 2009

We went last year to the Maryland Renaissance Festival and had a great time, so we knew we had to go this year.  Since it was exactly one year ago when we went last time, and since I took their pictures on the same lion statues I did last year, I decided to compare to see how much they have changed…and boy have they changed.  They both look so much older, Chase’s face has really taken more of a little boy look instead of his round baby face, and Eli now has glasses. 

BlogRenFest We love the festival up here…It is such a big deal, the grounds are set up year round, and it is absolutely enormous.  It lasts 2 or 3 months, and people come from all over.  It’s neat to have the chance to live in different places and enjoy all the different things they have to offer.  This is one thing I will miss next year when we are in Louisiana…Yep, we will all definitely miss it…

MDRenFest16MDRenFest4 MDRenFest2 MDRenFest6  MDRenFest8

MDRenFest9 MDRenFest11MDRenFest12 MDRenFest13   MDRenFest10 And that about wraps it up! Yes, I know I posted a lot of pics…but I just couldn’t decide which ones to post. Plus it’s the last Maryland Renaissance Festival post I’ll ever do!!  So it’s the beginning of the “lasts” for us, which is always hard.  :(  Have I mentioned I don’t want to move??? 


  1. That is the coolest thing!!! I wish we could go. Love the pictures of you guys on the elephant, the one of you and Eli (you're hair is getting long!), and the boys comparing them to last year. They're so cuuutttte!!

  2. They are growing up, mama! We have a renaissance featival going on here, and I would love to go to it. Lovin the long hair!

  3. Thanks Nikki!!! We love that festival...I am soooooo saaaaad to move!!!

    Thanks Stacey! I hope you are doing well...I miss reading your blog, but I understand...blogging isn't first priority!!! :)

  4. FUN photos!!!! AND!!!! You ARE so pretty in that photo right there!!!! :)

  5. I really am going to miss all the renaissance festivals for the next three years. I will just look at all your photos and pretend I am there. Looks like you guys had a blast. ;)


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