Philadelphia Trip and Sesame Place

I figured y’all had enough of the vaccine info, so I thought I’d blog about the trip we took this past weekend up to Sesame Place.  We had been wanting to take the boys ever since we moved to Ohio, but it seemed the time just got away from us.  But now that we know we will be moving to Louisiana, our time is running out and we decided to go ahead and go.  The first thing we did was go down to see the the Liberty Bell.  We didn’t get the chance to see it last December on our trip there, so it was a priority in this trip. 

LibertyBellCenter4LibertyBellCenter1  LibertyBellCenter2

LibertyBell2 LibertyBell1

From there, we checked into our hotel…we were exhausted.  It took no time at all before the boys crashed…


Then the next morning we were off to Sesame Place! Let me tell you, the traffic getting there was awful.  They need a new route or something…it took us as long to go the last mile as it did for us to drive all the way from D.C. to Philadelphia.  That is seriously INSANE.  All the people were on the verge of road raging, and my blood pressure and Norman’s blood pressure were through the roof.  But we finally made it, AND to top it off they are having military discounts and so at least we got in free.  There is always a silver lining! :)  Here are a few pictures we took of our day…the boys had an absolute ball!











We seriously love Philadelphia.  It has the most wonderful feeling, and walking around the brick streets, the history does come alive.  It’s beautiful and patriotic and proud…and I would love to think we’d be able to go up and visit one more time before we move.  There is just so much to do there!!!  This is definitely one of my favorite cities!


  1. Moving to Louisiana? Seriously? Didn't you guys just have to move?

    Are you going to Barksdale? Let me know.

  2. Yep...seriously...and still seriously in freaking shock. ;/

    We have been in this house since May...MAY!!! They told us we would have at least 2 more years here, but the job that came up was too good to pass on...it's perfect for his career, but we are both sick to have to go back to the deep south. We lived in Alabama for 4 years and hated every moment of it.

    But yep, Barksdale is where we're headed...Have you ever been to Barksdale??

  3. Amazing photos!! I esp. love the one from the "tea cups"!! Josh is dying to go to Philly...maybe one day : )

  4. Look like a great time! I love the pumpkins..very cool!

  5. Found you via your comments about H1N1 on another blog which I've now forgotten the name of. Those were interesting posts. I'm pg and on the fence. Sort of, maybe I'm getting on the fence from the definately no side just because of what I've been hearing. Anyway. I wanted to comment on this post b/c I grew up near Philly and always wanted to go to Sesame Place but never did. Now I'd love to take my girls, we'll see!


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