It Never Goes Away…Just Hides For A Little While

Eli can be so “normal”.  To the point where nobody KNOWS.  He’s just like everybody else.  But he is so picky with foods, and I think that no matter how much I supplement with vitamins and drinks, he’s just not getting what he needs to stay well.  So I put my foot down.  I blew my lid the other day and said THAT’S IT! I’m sick of fixing peanut-butter and jelly every time you don’t like what I fix (which is nightly), so YOU  WILL EAT WHAT I FIX OR YOU WON’T EAT! I AM NOT A CHEF! I AM A MOM! 

So tonight, after letting him have a Happy Meal to fill him up so that he won’t go hungry when he refuses my homemade vegetable soup (yeah, I stick to my guns…don’t mess with me buddy.) I make him eat ONE BITE OF FREAKING APRICOT.  The dried kind…you know, the kind that taste like candy.  I’m desperate.  I just wanted him to eat something NEW.  So I started SMALL…not even forcing the soup yet…


Where do you start when a baby-step is too big?

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  1. I hate to tell you but I think I would puke if you made me eat a dried apricot.
    Michael isn't a picky eater and never has been. He complains but he will eat.
    Jacob is a nightmare to feed. Every meal is a battle. He also has more sensory problems than Michael even though Michael is the one with autism.
    A friend and I were discussing this yesterday. I only put a small amount to try on his plate and then offer chicken nuggets or something he likes for the rest of his meal. I especially do this if it is a hard food for him to eat. He will gag on noodles and potatoes every stinking time. I stand there and yell chew, Jacob, chew!!! Sometimes that actually works! If he keeps chewing he doesn't yack.

  2. But these are soooo good! They're Mediterranean at that! They were the EXPENSIVE kind! I thought that would make a difference for him...stupid me.

    Jacob sounds JUST LIKE ELI. We end up yelling DON'T PUKE ELI, DON'T YOU DARE PUKE...CHEW!! CHEW!!! SWALLOW IT!

    We do the same thing with the nuggets...I was holding the happy meal toy as hostage and he was going to get it after he ate that stupid thing. He is so skinny. He has a size 7-8 length and a size 2 waist. That's super fun to buy for. It's considered wonderful if he can eat 4 whole freaking chicken nuggets. Chase out-eats him every day.

    My neighbor emailed me tonight and asked me if I was okay and she thought we should exchange info just in case I need something. :) I wonder what part she heard...

    She just had a baby and she's got to think what in the crap am I in for!!

  3. Haha! I totally understand your concerns. My sister has worked with an Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist on sensory/eating issues for her son. I'd highly recommend it. Because he is older it won't be easy, but I think it is your best bet.
    To look at Jacob you'd never know that he is a problem eater. He is definitely not scrawny and we can't figure that one out!

  4. Awww, I can only imagine. Hunter and Meg are both picky eaters but I can force food down them without them puking. They're both skinny but not as unproportional as Eli.

    I've heard of eaters that can't have their food touching or won't eat certain colors or textures of food...and it's not just kids...grown adults are like this too. It's not just being stubborn. They just can't do it.

    You're going about it right. One itty bitty bite of something different occassionally. Hopefully he can learn to get past it.


  5. As you know, my mom's an OT. She's also a feeding specialist. Definitely talk to the school about getting him OT for his food issues. They can help you find ways to get more variety into his diet, and suggest a wider variety of supplements to get him the nutrients he needs (and get some meat on his bones). I can ask my mom for tips, or give you her email address if you'd like. : )

  6. I have a niece that is a picky eater too, anything with cheese she loves. She's nine now though, so she's old enough to understand the consequences of not eating the meal that's prepared for her, but is still doesn't work all the time.

    I also came for a visit to remind you about my Name Party this Thursday the 19th. I do hope you can join me, I look forward to it!

  7. Oh man! That is a tough one! Good for you for trying though!


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