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Today is an ODD day for sure.  Eli is sick…STILL.  This winter is already proving to be a frustrating and difficult one, and well…it’s not even winter yet!  It’s Parent/Teacher Conferences at Eli’s school for the next couple of days, and it works out perfectly timing wise, because Eli is going to be in bed and sleeping and hopefully beating this thing that keeps hanging on. 

Still no news on the housing/moving situation.  As it stands we could get orders to move anywhere between November 15 and December 17th.  Nice.  So regardless, we’re leaving for sure by December 17th, but if housing at Barksdale becomes available by some miracle we will be heading out of here before then. 

I get to break the news of the move to Eli’s teacher tomorrow, and I’m sure she will be thrilled.  I’ve been dreading telling her, but I can’t put it off any longer.  I know it’s crappy of me to not have told the school already, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I’m running out of procrastination time though, for sure. 

Maybe I’m just getting down to the time being up here that I’m going into blah, auto-pilot mode.  I like to move, don’t get me wrong, but we LIKE it here.  We don’t WANT to move.  Living in D.C. has been nothing short of the combination of a dream come true and being in a 15 month long episode of “Big Brother” Twilight Zone edition.  Yeah…it’ll be nice to be out of the cross-hairs for sure, but this town is amazing…there is SO much to do, and I hate it for the kids that we have to leave. 

I was thinking about it the other day, and I thought I’d let my non-military readers have a glimpse into what military life is like…Check out where we’ve been over the past (almost) 8 years. 

*Lawton, OK (Fort Sill – army)– until May 2002

*Montgomery, AL (Maxwell AFB- transferred to AF) until 2005

*Dayton, OH (Wright-Patterson AFB) until 2007

*Washington D.C. (Pentagon/Capitol) until Dec 2009

*Shreveport, LA (Barksdale AFB) Jan 2010 – who knows…

It’s not felt as bad as it looks, but I know it will get harder the older the boys get.  I am weird in that I don’t mind moving.  I actually sort of like it.  Each place has its own personality, and there is something to gain from each experience.  Norman only has 6 and a half years left technically, but I’m not sure he’ll be ready to get out if he has the ability to stay in.  And I’m not sure I could rob him of that chance to stay in…So we’ll see.  A lot depends on the kids and where we are in 6 years.  I know I have my moments where I am sure he will just have to get out, but I know a lot can change in one month, let alone 6 years, so only time will tell. 

Alrighty, my boss is hollering at me for some water, so I need to get on that…my pay is dependant on that ya know ;). 


  1. hi stacey nice blog lol it looks like ur daily life , writing drary is good habbit

  2. Thats a lot of moving!

    Poor Eli, he needs to get rid of that nasty bug!
    I wouldn't worry about telling his teacher-you did what you had to do!

    Like the new layout.

  3. Why are you so worried about telling his teacher? She has to understand! My kids have had their share of colds/illnesses too and its only November! Sigh.......

  4. Thanks guys!

    Brianne I shouldn't be...it's a post school he goes to, so I know they are used to parents pulling their kids out of school and moving all the time.

    Thanks Stacey...We just found out WE GOT BASE HOUSING!!! YEAAA! SO I def have to tell the teacher tomorrow...I can't wait any longer for sure!!!

  5. Hello Stacey! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit and wish to join my party. I wasn't sure if the theme would interest anyone, I thought I might be the only one posting, which would be okay, just a little boring! I do hope your little guy gets better soon, it's awful when they don't feel well and I can imagine your frustration that it seems to be lingering. God Bless your whole family for the service you provide our Country. We wouldn't be here without you. Take care and I'll see you at the party, if not sooner!

  6. now that you've found housing, when do you officially move?

  7. I know there isn't quite the same vibe in Washington D.C. as in Louisiana, but I think the boys will really enjoy it there. If you ever need suggestions of places to go, just let me know. Sean and I loved our time in Louisiana and I really wouldn't mind going back.


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