Today is Important, America…

Today is the day to exercise your rights, pick up your phone and hold your senators and reps accountable to YOU.  Because they work for YOU. 

My plan for the last week and a half was to take Chase and go up to the Story Time With Congress.  Walk the halls of the Capitol and let my voice be heard in opposition of H.R. 3962 (healthcare reform bill for those of you living under a rock :)

But since Eli is still sick…and I can’t go, I wanted to post this for those that will not be able to make the D.C. event today... here’s what we can do to help...

(Courtesy of Resist.net)

Democratic leaders have said that a vote on H.R. 3962 could come as early as Thursday.

Be sure to call both the Washington DC and local offices of your representatives. Let them know that you are opposed
to this bill, and that  you are watching this situation to see how they
vote, and their vote will reflect your vote come the next election.
Some of us may NOT be in DC, but we have to do our part to help those
that did attend. Call, fax, email, write, and let them know that you
oppose H.R. 3962!

House Member Telephone Directory

House Member Directory (use for looking up offices outside of D.C.)

We have just begun to take back our Country! God Bless America...keep emailing, faxing and calling the blue dogs especially. www.freedomworks.com reach all 535 of them for free! www.faxyouropinion.com
all 52 blue dogs...cost 5.50 Several are wavering...Nelson, Bayh,
Lincoln, Landruie, Liberman, Dorgan...Send them messages and keep them
in line! God Bless!

Special Thanks to resistnet.net for the wonderful ideas! They recommend following this time frame to make the ultimate impact:

1. Schedule Your Fax to Your Lawmakers or send your own:anytime today or tomorrow the 5th:

2. Call your 2 Senators at 12:00pm est

3. Call your Congressional Rep at 12:10pm est

4. Twitter “We Stand Together” and use hashtag #killbill at 12:15pm est

5. At 12:30 est, everyone will sing “God Bless America.” nation wide.

6. Call the White House (202.456.1414) at 1:00pm est Tell the White House “We Stand Together."

7. Email Your Senators online form @ 1:10 est

and Email your Rep thru on line form @ 1:20 est

8. Don't forget to contact friends and family to take part also!

9. Persistence..Stay the Course! This information has been shared by organizations across the country in an effort to coordinate.


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