Car Wreck and Packing Day…

And needless to say this has been the most stressful move we’ve ever had.  After Norman’s beautiful graduation at the Library of Congress and one last walk to Norman’s Congressman’s office, we picked Eli up from school and decided to go out to eat before heading home to paint. 

I was texting my brother-in-law and was looking down at my phone when BAM! Car accident.  I was a passenger in case you were about to get on me for texting and driving.  :)  Chase started saying his head hurt, both boys were crying, Eli was asking why did we just “bump”, and I was just confused.  I called 911 because I don’t risk anything when it comes to the boys – even though they “looked” okay, Eli had a cut neck and Chase was still complaining of his head hurting.  So they got their very first ambulance ride, we ended up in the ER with Chase getting  a CT scan (which turned out to show no abnormalities or issues, so that came back normal THANK GOD), and then we were on our way.  It was late, instead of Olive Garden for dinner, we ate cereal, then I got to painting and I think we were finally asleep by 1:30 am or sometime about then. 

The packers showed up at about 8, the house was NOT ready for them, and they are very particular so they headed straight back to their van to take some time.  HA!!  I was so stressed out I cried taking Eli to school, Taking Simon to the pet hotel, and again when I got home.  But now, it’s 6pm, they have finally made it to our bedroom, and we’re almost completely packed up.  Whether they liked us or not, they had a job to do and they did it with some griping at me a teensy bit of complaining.  I know the job is hard, which is why I will never be a packer, so at the end of the day, God bless them for doing it. 

I have beautiful pictures of Norman’s graduation, and I will do a post on that when I am in less stress, less pain from the accident (we are all super sore, which has made this a trying time for us with the undoing of things and all the up and down stuff…). But we’re staying here in a hotel thru Saturday, then we will be on the road. 

Okay, the lady is really griping at me about her issues so I’m outta here…I’ll update when I can!



  1. Maybe, just maybe... things will turn around from here? Hope so.

  2. I'm so glad you all are okay! Take a deep breath, you're almost done....

  3. It will all be ok! All the moving will be over before you know it! I'm glad you are all ok after the accident!

  4. I'm so sorry you've been going through all this! I hope your're not as sore now. Moving is just about the worst thing in the whole world. And to have a car accident as well...

    I hope things get better soon!

  5. Thank you all so much! Hopefully...HOPEFULLY...the tough times are over for awhile. We are at my parents in Oklahoma for Christmas, and having a wonderful time visiting and catching up on things. I will post soon to update you on how things went!!!


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