Part 2 of our NYC trip…

Friday after Thanksgiving we had tickets to take the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty.  When we went to NYC last time, they were already sold out of tickets, so this time we reserved them ahead of time which made it super easy. 

First of all let me say that I am NOT a fan of cold weather.  I grew up snow skiing every year, sometimes twice a year, and I have no idea how I did it and actually enjoyed it.  Maybe it’s just that the older I get the more things get to me, (okay, let me be honest, of course more things get to me, check out the post below this one).  But I seriously cannot function in the cold.  Don’t ask me to make decisions, don’t ask me to provide any information.  I just want to wrap myself up with my big coat and big fluffy scarf, put my hood up and wish myself onto a beach somewhere.  So anyway, back to the trip…it was COLD.  Bone chilling, windy because we were on the water, makes you not care about the Statue of Liberty at all type of cold.  But we showed up, waited in line, and finally boarded that GLORIOUS warm ferry.  I become nice again when it gets  warm! :)  





View of NYC from the Ferry


View of the Statue of Liberty from the Ferry


Once we got to the Statue of Liberty, there was a LONG line that we had to wait in….OUTSIDE.  Once inside, though, the entire base of the monument is a huge museum.  They have the original torch that the Statue of Liberty once held. 

NYC2qNow, we had tickets that let us go up to the platform, and there were 150+ steps to climb to get there.  Lucky for us, the elevator was out, but thankfully the boys didn’t seem to mind too much climbing up.   


We made it! And everyone is checking out the view of NYC from the statue…




And then it was back down all the steps…


Then it was back on the ferry…the wonderfully warm ferry.



And here is where it gets sorta ugly.  Okay, here is where I start to get really frustrated by the cold that is seeping thru to my brain and making it impossible to think clearly.  We had parked in a parking garage (and told them a time we would get back, but it was way before that time. )  The plan was that we would subway down to FAO Schwarz and do all that, then subway back in time to be there for our scheduled pick up.  But then it dawned on me HOW FAR the walk is to the subway station…then from the subway to FAO SCHWARZ.  And I just decided I don’t care if it cost us $100 darn dollars, it was not worth it for us to drag our miserably frozen bodies all around the city.  (Okay, okay….MY miserably frozen body.  I just couldn’t do it.  And it wouldn’t have been beyond me to sit and cry if they would have made me do it, because I was coooold).  So poor Callie, who has always visited us in warm weather, got a glimpse of what I’m like when I’m cold…and she gave me confirmation yesterday that WE’RE STILL FRIENDS!!! Yippee!!! :)  It can be kind of iffy…You never know if the person will think you are nuts or just understand that it’s a quirk.  I love you Callie, you are awesome! 

So, we decide to go ahead and get our car (we paid full price, but once inside with the heater going full blast you could have told me I was in heaven and I would have believed you.  It was wonderful…We drove close to FAO Schwarz, found another parking garage…this one was a bit cheaper than the previous one, and went to…STAND IN LINE! Duh, Stace, you are wanting to go to FAO Schwarz on BLACK FRIDAY.  A day that I refuse to go shopping, and I am trying to get into FAO Schwarz.  But the line was moving quickly and we got in. 








Now, the most exquisite part of the whole trip for me boils down to one totally awesome experience.  Are you ready?  The beautiful store windows of the upscale department stores.  That made my whole year being able to look at those windows.  The cold went away, the numbness went away, and the awe set in.  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to experience that feeling…seeing those displays during the holiday season, and that was something on my lifelong list of ‘have to do’ things.  It is worth it… Here are a few of my favorite window shots…

NYC2z19 NYC2z20 NYC2z21 NYC2z25





So to wrap up that enormously long picture post…The Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season is something special to experience at least once in your life in NYC.  It is a feeling…the lights, the parade, the store windows…along with all the staple attractions like the Statue of Liberty make it a great vacation place for anytime.  But I can say that after having gone in the summertime to see all the sights, and then going this time to experience Thanksgiving and the seasonal things, this time was my favorite.  In spite of that bitter cold…   :)


  1. It looks like fun. I went to NYC in November one and saw the Christmas Show with the Rockettes. It was amazing and the nativity at the end of the show brought tears to my eyes. It was cold, but apparently not that cold. Glad you and your family had a great time. Angie

  2. I wondered if you realized it was Black Friday.... ;) Crazy girl!! I really really want to go to NYC, don't really care WHAT time of year it is (although I have to admit, seeing The Nutcracker in NY is on my bucket list)!

    Looks like a great trip....maybe next time we'll get to join in!!

  3. Thanks guys!!! Kat, I'm thinking it was good I didn't realize it at the time!!! We looked into broadway tickets for the Rockettes, but they were a bit more than our budget allowed this year. Maybe one day... :)

  4. I am so jealous! You look like you had so much fun! (even if you were cold.)

    I would love to go to NYC, but I will probably never get that chance. :(

  5. Uh huh... that's how it is... cold cold cold, but once you see the mack daddy window settings, not so cold anymore... uh huh... ;-) love you baby

  6. Great photos Stacey! :) But I've already seen them all on FB, right? :)

    Stacey girl, I've got a blog award waiting for you on my blog! :) I hope that you'll love it! :) You deserve it much! :)


  7. YC during Christmas is one of the best places in the world to be...



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