Holy Smokes It’s Been Awhile…

This move has been one that has sucked the life right out of me…well…all of us.  We got our stuff delivered before Christmas to our new house in Shreveport, went up to Oklahoma for Christmas, and we have been back for 5 days trying to get settled. 

The school situation for Eli has been a mess.  Folks, the Louisiana school system is awful.  I knew that coming down here, but I guess I didn’t expect it to be so “in your face” crappy.  The public school he is zoned for is Kerr Elementary, and it is a mess.  Dark, dumpy, older than Methuselah, need candles to find your way around DARK.  Not bright and cheerful like his previous school at Fort Belvoir.  There he was greeted with a “Morning Love” as I dropped him off…At Kerr I wasn’t sure if I should ask to borrow a pen for the paperwork or if that would get me in trouble.  So if I have any power at all to get him out of Kerr, we will get him out… or at least exhaust all our resources before letting him attend there. 

We found two schools…private Christian schools…that look so much more loving and inviting.  I think it will all depend on if they accept him given his autism, but if they would accept him I would gladly drive the hour EACH WAY to and from school.  Add that up…that is an insane total of nearly 4 hours in the car per day.  I just hope and pray they accept him.  So prayers please for that. 

Other than that, we are just taking it one day at a time…sometimes one outing at a time.  Sorry for the blogging absence…I’ll get into the swing of things here one of these days…  :)


  1. I was just thinking about you earlier. Too bad about the school. Hopefully you can get him in the school you want.

  2. I'm hoping there is another public school option. We had a horrible private Christian school experience. Be careful!

  3. Hi Stacey :) I saw one of your posts on RedRiverMomsLikeMe.com and noticed your blog address. I too am an Air Force Wife stationed here in Shreveport....who also loves to blog :) We've been here for 7 years and can tell you that the best way to go in terms of education around here is either the private schools or the schools around the Haughton area. We are looking into having our kids attend either Calvary Baptist or Southfield. Southfield has a grant program for Air Force families :) Not sure what it all entails though....but it's worth a shot with looking into. Anyway...welcome to the Barksdale AFB/Shreveport/Bossier area :) If you have any questions, just e-mail me @ sunshinegrl5@hotmail.com :)


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